Where Did Women’s “Woman” Go ?

August 6, 2019

My grandmother was a wonderful woman. I used to look at photos of her all the time. She idolized Katherine Hepburn and I guess in some ways emulated her. First I can say that I never and that means never saw her not “done up”. It was always simple and never seemed to overshadow her inner qualities. I think the best compliment I could give her is that although it was easy to see her attention to detail it all, in the end, seemed effortless. It was just another part of her no different than her hair color or the way she signed her name. She would show me old ballroom photos with 100-200 people in frame. The one thing I always noticed was the way everyone was dressed. All the men adorned their shirts and ties with neatly pressed suits. All the women in simple (and not so simple) evening dresses with an array of hats that would make any 40’s starlet want to-be envious. I know from my grandmother that most of the people were maybe not poor but far far from rich. Finances never played into waning their respect for presentation.

Fast forward to today. Walk down the street on a typical day outside arenas where people (specifically) women are required to be seen in uniform and you will witness a vast array of sportswear,pants, flip-flops, and ponytails accenting make-up less faces. I think first and foremost the word frumpy comes to mind. I think second the words male (make that boy) influenced comes to mind as well.

I have personally witnessed many occasions where t skjorte like many used to remember women are chided and berated by other women for their fashion approach. It is not a stretch to suggest it is becoming a social crime to look your best and that a growing public will criticize it with thinly veiled diva references. More and more the lady in the skirt is played as an attention seeking temptress or plastic barbie with no substance rather than a lady, as if brains and beauty can not still be powerfully and respectably intertwined.

Is this the way we want this era of women to be documented in future history books?

Can we at least have an open dialogue about the subject without falling short with quick-fix make-over’s on Oprah that rarely lead to any lasting potent evolution?

It’s time for women everywhere to take back their “woman” and embrace the fruits of that extra effort. Men everywhere throughout the land will thank them for it.

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