How To Do Family Holidays In Greece

August 7, 2019

Greece is a fabulous place, a timeless classic in the Mediterranean that promises its visitors amazing island and mainland destinations, wonderful weather, moreish food, and so much diversity in terms of both natural beauty and culture. And of course, Greece is for everyone. Depending on your situation or desire, Greece can deliver, provided you do some research. This post is dedicated to families, who have a few extra parameters to consider before making their decision on which place in Greece to holiday in. Here is how to do family holidays in Greece, for the ultimate carefree vacation filled with thrilling moments for everyone.

The Santorini fairytale, the family way

Yes, that is right. Although, Santorini is known far and wide for being the ultimate romantic island destination in Greece and the Mediterranean, Santorini is for families too. The only thing you need to consider is how much space you need. The fact that most of Santorini’s cliff side, also known as the Caldera, is tightly packed with luxurious hotels offering charming chambers with cave pools and immaculate views, that are often small in size, make it most suited to couples or friends sharing. However, if you find the right place with the required space, families can too have an incredible time in Santorini. Opt for a family friendly, 4 star hotel in Fira, Santorini, which offers a central location for ease of coming and going throughout the day, and the biggest pool in the center of Santorini. They have a spacious top floor luxury suite with private jacuzzi and sea views that would be perfect for a small family!

Thassos for an authentic Greek island holiday

Turning the page over from the fairytale realm that is Santorini, let us go toward the north of the Aegean sea to the idyllic island of Thassos. A place that is not particularly easy to access, Thassos can be reached via a 35 minute ferry ride from the harbour of Keramoti, in the regional unit of Kavala. You need to get a flight from Athens to Kavala airport, which takes about an hour. Given you need to combine transportation means, the island is not overly popular, but like most things, its lack of mass appeal is the reason that Thassos is still strongly rooted in its traditions. An incredibly authentic island, Thassos is a destination that will immerse you into true island mentality. It is laid back, welcoming and absolutely thrilling, with many potential family activities and experiences to be had. For the ultimately convenient location, consider family-run accommodation in Limenas, Thassos, just a stone’s throw from the beach.

Corfu for a seaside resort vacation

Next, let us travel to the other side of Greece, to the Ionian sea that separates it from Italy. The 7 Ionian islands exude a different feeling than the Aegean islands, altogether. They have a more tropical appearance to them, with typically azure waters and landscapes that are distinctly more verdant than the usual, rocky and barren terrains of the Aegean islands. More specifically, discovering Corfu, the emerald lady of the Ionian, is one of the most enjoyable experiences for families. For a phenomenal location on one of the islands blue flag beaches, is a 5 star seaside family resort in Corfu. Here families can indulge in top notch facilities and services, with sea view rooms and suites to die for.

Sailing for the ultimate family adventure

For families who have a knack for adventure, and children over 12 years of age, sailing the Greek seas could be the ultimate family adventure! With a massive coastline and over 200 islands, Greece has perennially been a nursery of seafaring and tales of the sea have been told from one generation to the next for centuries; tales of hardships, of redemption, interweaving truth and fantasy expertly. Since before Homeric times, the Greek seas have acquired a sense of mystery about them. The sea in Greek is a female noun, and every reference would be about ‘her’ being both a temptress and a saviour. Ultimately, having inspired so much mythology and folklore, you could say that the Greek seas are the best storytellers. A boutique cruise around Greece will reveal many hidden treasures and take you to a new destination each day, replenishing your sea landscape visuals promptly every morning. Especially for families that have complicated logistics to consider when deciding on a multi-destination holiday, a cruise of this kind might be just what is needed.

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