August 20, 2019

When people move out of their home, they wanted a home-like atmosphere so that they don’t feel homesick. So, people prefer to rent a house and have a place on their own but if you consider the cost factor, renting a house is much costlier than taking pg accommodations.

Not only that renting a house is costlier than pg but also that if you rent a house, you have to start from scratch and get all the things that you need for a house like, gas stove, bed, mattress, table, chairs, and utensils, etc. But in pg accommodations, all the necessary amenities will be given at a very nominal rate compared to the hostel. For the rent you pay for an individual house, you can get a pg room with necessary amenities needed along with food also.

And there’s a lot of trending pg accommodations these days. These days, there are males, females, and even unisex pgs. You can find pgs everywhere from big cities to small places like ladies pg in marathahalli which is a small locality.

On comparing pg with hostel also, pg is always better than a hostel. As we all know the hostel accommodations provided by the colleges are not always nice. Even if the hostels are not provided by the college administration, there are a lot of private hostel facilities in almost all cities. But these days, people prefer pg accommodations that hostel because of the advantages of the former.

The hostel has a lot of restrictions especially when it is inside college premises. There will be a lot of formalities to follow if you want to go home like getting a warden’s signature, etc. But in pg, you go home whenever you like and need no such permissions. Another established factor is that hostel foods are horrible as they cook them for a greater number of people. Because there are only a restricted number of individuals in pg, the food is not as bad as it is in the hostel. Even if you don’t want to eat pg food, with the facilities available like induction, you can always cook your food occasionally.

Also, in most of the hostels, everyone shares the same number of roommates. But in pg, you can choose the rooms based on how many people you want to share it with. There are sing sharing, double, triple and even four sharing rooms. There will be no curfew on pg so you also get to have a lot of fun with your friends. However, you see it pgs are always better than rented houses and hostel. The pgs are everywhere these days in all the states and cities. The semi-urban parts also have pgs like pg in bangalore marathahalli and they give a home feeling to the residents. You can find the pgs by going in person in search of pgs. Even if you can’t check it out in person, there are websites available online with pictures and descriptions. So, you can contact the given number and book your pgs.

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