The Do’s And Do Not’s Of Wedding Invitations

August 23, 2019

Weddings are the grandest thing that happens in the life of a person and is celebrated on a very large scale. Relatives, friends, neighbors, as well as the acquaintances of both the bride and the bridegroom, are invited to this ceremony and the couple and their family try to make sure their guests enjoy themselves to the fullest. And the starting point of this are the wedding invitations, which sets the tone of the event and the warmth with which guests are invited.

With the rise of technology, couples are incrasingly moving towards e-invitations as the preferred mode. And in this category there are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can browse through animated, video, GIF and other types of wedding invitations here. But before sending them out, read on for the most important rules of inviting your guests.

What are the things that should be there on the wedding invitations?

The wedding card or the save the date card is the starting point of the invitation process. It let’s guest know of the engagement as well as keeps them posted on the date, time and venue details of the ceremony. Hence the most important thing to ensure your guests RSVP is to send out the cards well in time so guests can make their plans accordingly.

  • The wedding invitation should include complete information about the bride and the bridegroom, i.e. their names and their parents and grandparents’ names.
  • Secondly, the date of the event should be mentioned.
  • The address of the venue should also be put up in clear words with the complete address. There are a lot of people who attach a map along with it as well and this makes it easy for the people to reach the venue.
  • The dates and the timings of all the functions taking place should also be mentioned properly.
  • The contact of two of the main members should also be given to make sure that if anyone has any confusion they can reach out to the right people.

What are the things that should not be there done on a wedding invitation?

There are a lot of mistakes made by people while designing wedding invitations. Some of the things that come under the don’ts category are mentioned below:

  • The wedding card should not be very crammed with information, but instead be simple and clear
  • The card should be addressed properly to guests, with the correct title before their names.

These were some of the do’s and don’ts that should be taken care of at weddings. The wedding invitations should be made accordingly and should be designed in the best possible way as well.

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