Should You Buy Travel Insurance: Here Is What To Consider

September 10, 2019

With travel insurance, you can get self and family cover for all travel related risks. So if you are setting off for a holiday or a business trip overseas, do not forget to buy a travel insurance plan right for you. The right kind of travel insurance policy gets you covered from the time you leave your doorstep until the time you return home. An overseas travel insurance policy can get you cover while you are abroad.

Let us understand the essentials of travelers insurance, so that next time you travel, you can pick with ease travel insurance plan that is best suited to your needs:

Travel Insurance Coverage

Risks are everywhere. Inside our homes, we take all necessary precautions to bring down risks. We have more control over risk factors while we are at home. While we are out, our control over the potential risk factors decreases. We become more susceptible to the risk factors when we travel to far away destinations as we are not familiar with the territory. The modern-day traveler has access to comprehensive travel insurance plans to get covered for all types of potential travel risks. Top ranking travel insurance companies are offering a wide range of travel insurance products to suit the needs of all kinds of travellers.

Travelers insurance covers travellers for the following travel related risks:

  • Health Emergency

Sudden health emergency can arrive anywhere while in mid-air, at foreign stay location or on roads. With total travel cover solutions, all your health emergency worries get covered.

  • Personal Accident

Accident risk is one of the major factors to be considered while being out. Accidents can take place at any time anywhere. So, it is best to buy a travel plan that covers personal accident death and disability.

  • Baggage Loss/Theft

Travelers can get their baggage insured under their travel insurance plans. Loss of baggage while traveling can spell major loss, especially if baggage contains expensive items like laptop, jewelry, cash, rare books, clothing, and other items. 

Get as much cover for your baggage as you require. If you are carrying expensive items, you may choose to get more baggage cover. On the other hand, if your baggage is not that expensive, you can opt for minimal cover or forego baggage cover.

  • Passport Loss Assistance

Passport is a major document required for traveling around the world, and if you happen to lose it while abroad, you can face a lot of hassles in terms of expenses, time and energy. While choosing travel insurance policy make sure your travel plan covers for passport loss so that in the event its loss, you may seek assistance from the insurance company. The insurance company will make best possible earliest arrangements to get you a standby passport.

  • Card/Money Loss

Losing money or cards overseas can leave you stranded. Opt for cash and card cover in your travel insurance policy plan.

  • Third Party Liability

If you happen to accidentally cause bodily injury or property damage of the third party while at an overseas destination, then with third party liability cover in your travel insurance policy you can tide over the problem.

  • Legal Assistance

Sometimes people need to take legal assistance in foreign lands if they get into trouble with the law for cases like accidents, fights, etc. It is wise to opt for legal assistance cover under the travel insurance plan as a safeguard against all such possibilities.

  • Expatriation Assistance

The student may require expatriation assistance, business, and leisure travelers should any problem come up in the country being visited, which could prevent them from leaving the country. Expatriation assistance cover in travel cover plan can provide ample succour for being transported back to the home country.

  • Travel Insurance Benefits

The benefits of purchasing a travel insurance plan from the top ranking travel insurance companies include:

  • Throughout travel support partnership
  • All-time emergency assistance
  • Networked hospitals for health emergencies
  • A personal helping hand in a foreign location
  • Comprehensive cover for all types of travel risks
  • Hassle free claim settlement procedure
  • Easy, instantaneous online purchase
  • Travel Insurance Exclusions

Insurance companies can reject travel insurance claims in the following cases:

  • The claim not being supported by valid documents
  • Health emergency due to a pre-existing medical condition
  • Accident emergency due to participating in high-risk activities
  • Emergency due to being involved in criminal/illegal acts
  • Emergency has occurred in a region, not under the geographical scope

Provided by Nolan Law Group a Chicago brain injury law firm

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