A Tale Of Tents: A Guide To Selecting The Best Tent For Your Adventure

September 24, 2019

There is nothing more relaxing than sleeping under the stars and taking in the fresh air. This experience feels more natural and comfortable when you have the right equipment for your trip. Whether it is the first time you have invested in a tent or you are just ready to upgrade, this guide will help you choose the perfect model. For some, purchasing a tent is a big investment, so it is worth considering all the points below before taking the plunge and handing over that credit card.



I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I can assure you when a claim is made that looks like this “sleeps four” it is not always accurate. Do not get me wrong, you could probably fit 4 people in there, but your experience is not going to be a comfortable one. If you are traveling with a family always get a tent that sleeps an extra two people, so that you have room for baggage, bedding, and to breathe. It is also worth considering whether you are going to sleep on inflatable mattresses or camp beds, as this will impact on the space you have available. However, a selection of these 4 person tents may be enough and just what you are looking to get.


Different tents are better suited to different environments, so you will need to consider how durable you need your tent to be. For example, a family heading off for a short camping trip in summer on a well maintained campsite is going to have different needs than a lone hiker who is climbing a mountain and facing harsher weather conditions. Whatever your plans are, there is a huge range of tents on offer to meet all camping needs. Choosing a three season tent allows you the flexibility and will keep you warm and sheltered in a variety of weather conditions.


A tent needs to be functional and user friendly regardless of the purpose of your trip. Just because you’ve found what looks like the ideal tent does not mean that it will not take a small army and five hours to erect. You do not need an excuse to get the stress levels soaring when you’re supposed to be relaxing. This is why it is important to consider how easy it is to assemble before you buy it — it is even more important if you have several stops during your trip and you have to re-erect your tent more that once. A great way to ensure you have chosen a functional and user friendly tent is to search for videos of how to erect your make and model. If the guy in the video can do it, so can you.

Weight and Ventilation

If you need to carry your tent long distances then choosing a lightweight and compact tent is essential. Larger tents can be extremely heavy and bulky, so if you are heading off with the family investing in a roof rack to store it may be worth considering. You will also need to consider ventilation. Choosing a tent that is well ventilated will improve your comfort, reduce condensation, and help maintain your body temperature. The last thing you want is to wake up dehydrated clambering for the water bottle with damp bedding from the condensation.


When it comes to the crunch the price is usually the determining factor when it comes to the purchase. We all have different budgets and luckily there are a range of great products on the market to reflect this. The best way to get the most from your money is research. Compare features, capacity, and durability and work out which tent gives you all of these features for the least amount of money.


Now you have all the relevant information you can head off and do exactly what you have been waiting for; buy your perfect tent and make the most of your getaway!

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