Tips for better home insulation and energy conservation

September 26, 2019

Do you not have effective energy conservation strategies in your existing home? If no, you can still make it well insulated and energy-efficient by making a few changes in the existing structure. You will not only encourage green or eco-friendly efforts, but you will save a lot on energy bills in the long run. In this article, let us find out a few quick tips on making your home well insulated and what you can do to save money. So, read on.

What measures will you take for optimum home insulation?

Check out a few changes that you can make in your home.

  1. Windows- It is likely that you did not realize that by not properly insulating your house, just the windows alone can increase the heating as well as cooling bill by as much as 20% to 25% during the winter and summer months respectively.

Check for any gaps that exist between the windows and their frames. And if you discover any such gap, make sure you block them with caulking or wood filler. On the other hand, having aluminum windows, draught excluders are an excellent choice and renders adequate insulation to your home.

Another way in which you can improve insulation is by applying window film on the inside of the windows. A home with low emission will reduce the heat that enters the house by as much as 75%.

  • Gaps in the doors- Heat escapes through gaps that might be present in the door frame. It holds true, especially for space at the bottom. You can invest in door draught stoppers for the same.
  • Place plants outside your home- If you have space to plant some trees or shrubs outside your home, do so by planting them at strategic locations to offer shade. Natural shade reduces the heat by 3 degrees to 7 degrees. As far as the type of trees and how you can go about it is concerned, you can talk to the experts at Isolation à Sherbrooke.

Placing plants on the south and western sides of your house yields better results. Not only that this position helps in reducing the heat gain during the warmer months and keeping it warmer during the colder months.

Aside from the minor changes mentioned above, you can also renovate or make specific changes in the attic so that you get the desired result.

Attic is the place from where heat will be lost when the temperature in your home rises. As such, using batt insulation is the conventional method to prevent heat from getting lost.

To carry out the home insulation process, make sure that the attic is air sealed. You can also opt for loose-fill insulation, which is less expensive as compared to batt insulation.

Aside from the above structures, you can make the required changes to your basement and walls too. Insulation is a procedure and an investment that will last a lifetime. As per reports of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, energy consumption by buildings if taken on a global scale is approximately 40%.

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