5 Tasks to Include in Your Moving Out Checklist

October 21, 2019

The process of moving out can be complicated and stressful. Overlooking some important things can easily result in last-minute panic. To reduce the stress involved with moving, making sure you make all the necessary arrangement before the moving day. Here are important things to include your moving out checklist:

  1. Have a final look of each room

Check each room one final time to confirm that you have packed everything. Make sure you check all the drawers, closets, and cabinets, as well as the attic and garage. It is common to forget to pack the items in the kitchen storage space or a bathroom drawer.

  2. Ensure the home is secure

Confirm that all the doors and windows are secure, especially if you are moving during the holiday season. Check your locks and make sure they are not easily opened using simple tools. Among the areas that are most susceptible to breaches are the garage and basement. If you are more than one person in the home, you can assign one person the task of confirming everything is packed and another person the task of checking the security.

  3. Make sure the thermostat is set right

Depending on the season, you may need to set the thermostat to a certain temperature, so that it does not roast in the summer or freeze in the cold season. In addition to that, you also want to avoid having the new residents receive an extremely high heating bill during the cold season, because you forgot the set the thermostat to the right temperature.

It is also advisable to leave turn off the main water supply to avoid freezing the pipes during the winter. Your landlord or real estate agent can usually give you a list of things you need to have in order.

  4. Garbage disposal

Sometimes tenants forget to clean out the refrigerator. By the time the new tenant moves in, they find the place overrun with a rotten food smell that may take a long time to remove. Make sure your clear the refrigerator and dispose of all the garbage before you move out of your home.

  5. Cleaning the home

One of the most important steps to moving is cleaning the home. Depending on the size of the home, cleaning the home to restore it to its original condition can be a time-consuming task. Consider hiring professional cleaning services that can get a cleaning job that would take you three days done in a few hours. If you live in a rental apartment, cleaning the home is a requirement for getting your damage deposit back.

A final word

Moving out is not only costly but also emotionally draining. Taking time to plan for the move and create a reasonable helps remove the stress associated with moving and storage. Hiring a professional moving company with an experienced team ensures that everything runs smoothly. Before settling on a moving company, research various options online and compare the services and rates offered to by each to find the right fit for you.

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