Adventure Time: The Top Five Ways To Travel the Country

October 28, 2019

Filled with a variety of experiences for every kind of traveler, the United States is a top priority for those ticking off their travel bucket list. 

From the edgy east to the chic west, and from the chilly north to the sticky south, the US is a place for the adventure-hungry. With so many delightful destinations, what are the best ways to travel the country? 


The open road, the wind blowing through your hair as you cruise through the Mojave Desert. A road trip by car across the open road is a favorite for many travelers. 

Whether you hire a convertible reminiscent of the 1996 Thunderbird from the 90’s favorite Thelma and Louise or a sensible SUV, the quintessential American family car — a road trip by car is one of the best ways to sample America, land of the free, that everyone craves.

Road trip By Motorcycle

The thundering roar of the Harley across the desert is the fabric of many adventurers’ dreams. 

Remember that if you are a non-US driver with an international driving permit, you should find it easy to rent a bike from reputable places like the American Motorcycle Trading Company

Bear in mind that the majority of both car and motorcycle renting companies will require a credit card. You may be able to find rental agencies who will waiver the credit card necessity as long as you are able to place several hundred dollars on the table as a deposit.

Fly Across The Country

The ease of flying allows you to hop across the country in no time at all. While flying internationally and arriving in the US can be a headache, the domestic flying experience is usually an improvement. Beware not to book connecting domestic flights too tight, the process may be smoother than arriving on an international flight but some airports can still experience heavy congestion. 

If you choose to travel by air during your travels in the US, you may be surprised to find the cost of domestic air travel to be higher than initially expected. This means that for those of us that save up our hard-earned cash to go on a budget-tight vacation, then your tight budget may not be able to afford multiple domestic flights. 

Some studies show that flights over the weekend tend to be higher, and if you really want to travel by air but need to play it smart because of your budget, then check out these tips for budget travelers.

Traveling By Bus

Traveling the US by bus is one of the most popular choices for those on a shoestring budget, especially when travelling solo. 

Most of the popular tourist attractions and cities are connected with buses running on a schedule. If you are just looking at getting from point A to point B, then an overnight trip will be perfect. If, however, you want to be a witness to the passing landscapes, then take a look at the buses that run during the day. 

Remember that although the majority of the bus travel routes are considered safe, you should always be aware of your surroundings and your belongings and if you are traveling alone to position yourself closer to the driver.

Travel by Train

If you have ever enjoyed the ease of train travel in Europe, chances are you are hoping to find a replicate in other first world countries. Unfortunately, the Amtrak system does not measure up to the railway systems found in European countries.

It can offer some of the most scenic routes, however, reservations can be tough to come by and they come with a higher price tag as well. 

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