Trouble On The Horizon: Three Warning Signs Of Transmission Failure

October 29, 2019

A vehicle is much like a person. When something goes wrong, it is easy to put off a visit to the doctor or mechanic. It is not until the problem begins interfering with daily life or the vehicle will no longer drive that a person makes an appointment to be checked or to have their car examined. However, the sooner the problem is diagnosed in either situation, the easier it is to fix the underlying issue. What are some common transmission problems that every driver should be aware of and have checked immediately?

Check Engine Light Comes On

When the check engine light comes on, drivers often assume there is something wrong with the engine. However, in certain situations, the light may be signaling there is a problem with the transmission. The only way to know which is the case is to have the problem diagnosed at a local repair shop. The transmission and engine work together and a problem in one can lead to problems in the other, so prompt action is required in this situation. This diagnostic test is among the services from Telle Tire & Auto Centers that a driver should consider having carried out today. This light can be an indication of numerous other problems as well, so a driver should never assume it is something minor. Doing so could lead to the need for more costly repairs in the future if the vehicle owner was wrong in this assumption.

The Transmission Slips

When someone asks if the transmission slips, a driver may not know what they are talking about. What they are asking is if the transmission feels like it changes gears suddenly for no reason when it should not. Often, the change in gears is accompanied by a whining sound or the engine noise may change in pitch. Any sounds such as these need to be diagnosed to minimize damage to the vehicle components. Other signs the transmission may be slipping include a change in the way the car accelerates, any indications the car is struggling to move, or a car that suddenly feels like it is lacking in power. Any change in the way the vehicle normally operates, however, needs to be investigated.

A Puddle Under the Car

A puddle of water under the car after the air conditioner has been running is completely normal. When a person sees a puddle of transmission fluid under the vehicle, however, there is cause for concern. The transmission is sealed, so fluids should never be able to leak. The easiest way to determine what type of fluid is escaping from the car is to place a piece of cardboard under the area of the leak. If the fluid is bright red, brown or dark red, it is time to get the car into the shop to have the transmission checked. A driver may wish to check the transmission fluid before doing so to ensure there is enough present to get the vehicle to the shop safely. However, do not overfill the fluid. Doing so may lead to transmission issues as well.

While nobody wants to spend their money on a vehicle repair, prompt action often helps to keep the repair costs down. Keep this in mind the next time your car acts up. By visiting a mechanic as soon as you notice something is wrong, you may be able to have the car fixed for less than you are imagining. It is always better to know than to simply hope for the best, whether it is your body or the vehicle that is acting up.

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