How to Properly Clean Your Dry Herb Vape Pen

October 30, 2019

Regardless of your type of vape pen or what herbs you use your vape pen for, it will need to be cleaned regularly. Here we discuss why you should keep your vape pen clean and how to clean it properly.

Why should you clean your vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers and weed vape pens need to be kept clean for several reasons. These reasons can apply to any type of vape pen and include the following:

1.) For hygiene

Vape pens come in contact with your mouth, and bacteria from your mouth can settle on the mouthpiece resulting in a foul odor. Desktop vape pens that are meant for group use can also be potential vectors for saliva-borne illnesses such as the flu and strep throat, among others. For these reasons, it is recommended that you clean the mouthpiece after every use or at the very least, at the end of the day.

2.) To allow your vape pen to work properly

Vape pens will tend to accumulate a good amount of ash, resin, and other kinds of gunk over time, especially if you fail to clean them regularly. This can result in the herbs not vaporizing correctly, leading to a subpar experience. If you are using weed vape pens for medical cannabis, a dirty pen can alter the delivered dosage and potentially waste cannabis, which makes it especially important to keep your pens clean.

3.) To make your vape pen last longer

Dirty, gunked-up pens require more battery power and more effort to use at an optimal level — that is, if you can get them working to an optimal level at all. Ash and other types of vape residue can also be quite corrosive, which can eat into different parts of your vape pen and cause a potentially dangerous premature failure over time.

4.) They make your vape pen more pleasurable to use

Clean vape pens tend to offer a better vaping experience all around. They work better, can be controlled to a finer degree, and deliver a cleaner, usually superior-tasting vapor. If you want to get the most from your vape pen, you should keep them clean as best you can,

Steps in cleaning your dry herb vape pen

While their specific cleaning and disassembly instructions might differ among different vape pen models, there are some basic principles for keeping your pens clean that you should follow in order to keep your dry herb vape clean.

1.) Read your vape pen’s user manual

While broadly similar, there are sometimes a few quirks with how different vape pens can be disassembled for cleaning. Be sure to consult the manual or the manufacturer to learn the safest way to tear down and clean your pens.

2.) Identify the extent of the cleaning needed

While you want to keep your pen clean, doing a full tear-down and cleaning after every use is often unreasonable and may make it less likely that you will want to use your vape pen. Instead, just be sure to inspect it after tapping out the ashes in the chamber. If it looks like there is some build up going on and you can’t easily tap out the residue, it may be time to start cleaning.

3.) Disassemble the vape pen, if needed

If you see any excessive residue build-up, disassemble the vape pen as prescribed in the user manual, if available. You want to be sure that you disassemble and assemble the pen properly so there won’t be any unintended gaps that could accumulate corrosive residue, later on. If you don’t have access to the manual, be sure to contact the manufacturer for advice on cleaning and maintenance.

4.) Clean the mouthpiece with running water 

In most cases, you can easily remove the mouthpiece and safely clean it under running water. Some dishwashing detergent can also serve to further clean and sanitize the mouthpiece, keeping it free of foul odors.

5.) Use a cleaning brush or cotton bud for the chamber and atomizer

In contrast to the mouthpiece, the heating chamber and atomizer need to be kept free from moisture. Moisture can hasten corrosion or contribute to the failure of your vape pen’s electrical components. Instead, use a dry brush intended for cleaning your pen’s chamber or a cotton bud. If the user manual prescribes a cleaning solution, you can also attempt to use that as well. Finish off by wiping the exterior parts of your vape pen with a clean microfiber cloth.


Dry herb vape pens are relatively simple and durable devices but they will need regular cleaning if they are to function at their very best. Cleaning them is usually easy and can greatly contribute to a nicer overall vaping experience.

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