Understanding the Environmental Benefits of Building Homes with Concrete

October 31, 2019

Concrete homes are the way to go. Not only in India but even in the Western countries today, going green is the mantra in terms of sustainable architecture. People are looking for eco-friendly alternative solutions to issues related to decades-old buildings. However, modern concrete buildings are supposed to be full of exhilarating innovations that are responsible for making them truly eco-friendly. They come with a host of environmental benefits. Whether they end up adding green space into your urban jungles or they rely on renewable energy, we are witnessing an era where homes designed with sustainability as the main consideration are certainly becoming more popular globally.

In India, everybody seems to be quite acquainted with concrete that is regarded as one of the really versatile and commonly used building materials worldwide. Concrete is very much in vogue in India where it is being used for the construction of commercial buildings, residential buildings, patios, pathways, and motorways, etc. Concrete is supposed to be eco-friendly and it is a great natural building material that must be used while considering construction’s environmental impact. Homes made from concrete would help safeguard our natural resources thus; concrete began to be regarded as one of the choicest building materials for sustainability. You could get in touch with the best concrete company in Indiafor your home building project.

As per the https://www.huffpost.com, no other type of building material could match the potential and scope of concrete. In this article, the author has advocated and celebrated concrete’s efficacy, beauty, and boundless contribution to contemporary life. Several of the most impressive and best buildings globally have been built with concrete during the last century right from the spellbinding Fallingwater created by Frank Lloyd Wright to Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier and from mesmerizing Brasilia by Oscar Niemeyer to the mind-blowing Church of Light by Tadao Ando.

Environmental Benefits of Building Homes with Concrete

Concrete homes are known to offer certain environmental benefits.

  • Boosts the environmental quality.
  • Helps in reducing depletion of resources.
  • Saves vulnerable & valuable areas.
  • Helps in reducing transport by effective recycling on a specific demolition site.

Let us explore some of the main environmental benefits associated with building concrete homes.

Relying on Local Transportation

One of the main reasons why concrete seems to be an excellent eco-friendly construction material is simply because the raw materials could be sourced from within the country and don’t require to be imported. Concrete as a construction or building material is both good for safeguarding the environment and supportive of the concept of local businesses. Thanks to readily available building materials locally, transportation emissions could be unbelievably low. Hence, concrete buildings are eco-friendly. Generally, there exists an off-site concrete plant within close proximity to every construction site. Thus, it helps in minimizing the overall expenses associated with the final transportation of concrete in terms of energy, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions.

Utilizing Recycled Materials

Concrete is known to contain a host of recycled materials and that may include by-products of power and manufacturing plants. We know that cement is manufactured from clay, sand, limestone, and fly ash. Aggregates are manufactured by reusing certain waste products like gravel, sand, concrete, and crushed stone from demolition products. Several materials that are generally dumped and deposited in landfills could be utilized in concrete production. Combustible waste like scrap tires, for instance, could be utilized as an effective fuel source particularly in the cement manufacturing method. 


An exceptionally long-lasting building material, concrete help in creating structures that are built for lasting you a lifetime. Unlike wood, for instance, that could decay and rot and could be susceptible to natural calamities, we know that concrete would not need any maintenance and could withstand the harshest or severest weather conditions, the toughest winds, and devastating fires. Concrete helps in reducing construction waste too.


Old concrete structures could be stripped, refurbished or recycled into brand new building materials. Several top quality aggregates, for instance, are comprised of old concrete that has been crushed well and then reused. This helps to dramatically extend concrete’s life and boosting its ecological benefits too.

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