What To Expect From A Vacation In Norway

October 31, 2019

If you are planning a European vacation with the family or traveling solo for either the summer or winter, it is time to consider Norway and choose your tour. Norway, a country with a fascinating history and stunning landscapes, is a dream vacation for anyone. 

When Is The Best Time To Relax

With its endless days of summer, Norway is a prime destination for hiking among fjords, visiting quaint towns, and staying up late to experience the magic of Midnight Sun.

In summer, all of Norway awakens. Visiting fjords, ancient Viking lands, or small, hidden cities can be endless. The vast wilderness opens up for the travelers.

During the summer, Norway is flooded with visitors. The most popular places in summer are:

  • Pulpit Rock
  • Trolltunga
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Kjerag Bolder
  • Geirangerfjord/Aurlandsfjord
  • Bergen & Oslo

Also during the summer, international tourists join the many Norwegians who like to visit the most popular places during July and August as it is when most people take their vacations. It is when the weather is at its best.

Spending summer vacation in Norway is excellent. There is nothing like hiking through the fjords or staying in a cottage on the coast, admiring stunning landscapes. However, many tourists underestimate winter, because winter in Norway is impressive. Winter might be the best season of all to visit Norway.

Norwegian snow is light and fluffy, and on particularly cold days, it is full of glitter. For the best snow, visit Norway in January or in February, and you will experience pure magic.

To see real winter in Norway, go up the mountains! At sea level, the weather in winter is not impressive, but if you go up to the Norwegian mountains, you are guaranteed to see a winter wonderland. In Norway, farther north does not necessarily mean colder. Near the coast will be warmer than inland, and the most chilled sites are in the mountains. Therefore, if you want to experience true white winter in Norway, head inland and up the hills.

Even if you are not a fan of winter sports, it is pretty hard to ignore the excitement with which Norwegians and winter travelers to Norway enjoy entertainment on skis. Winter is lovely in Norway.

What Food To Try In Norway


Norway may not be precisely famous for its haute cuisine, but it will top lists for some of the world’s best comfort food.

Norwegian food was traditionally meant to sustain farmers through the cold winter, so they cook with a lot of butter, potatoes, and meat. 

Here are some highlights to try during your visit:

  • Brown cheese, which is not cheese at all. It is made from the whey that is typically tossed out during the cheese-making process. It is boiled for a long time until it caramelizes into a salty, brown diamond. It is usually presented atop toast at breakfast.
  • Kjøttkaker, is a simple dish, and many families eat it weekly throughout the country. It s minced meat seasoned and kneaded with a variety of ingredients.
  • Pinnekjøtt is a hearty meal of salted, air-dried rib of sheep traditionally served on Christmas Eve.
  • Raspeballer is a dish of a dense ball of mashed potato and flour slowly simmered in stock with fatty cuts of sheep or pork.
  • Rakfisk are fermented fillets of freshwater trout hail from the landlocked parts of the country. 

The real beauty of Norway is that no matter where and when you go, you will be able to find breath-taking landscapes, stunning views, good food, and friendly people!

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