Role of Animals in Drug Addiction Recovery

November 1, 2019

People who own pets understand their unique and magical connection with them. Animals are great friends of humans and the most surprising fact is that they are also very helpful in drug addiction recovery. The healing impact of animals is more effective than many medicines. You can quickly feel many psychological benefits by spending time with animals. If you are suffering from substance abuse then you must get the help of drug rehab centers. Look for different rehab centers near me that offer animal healing.

How Drug Rehabs Help To Recover From Addiction?

Addicted persons suffer from different mental, physical, and emotional issues. The regular drug abuse changes the functioning of their brain that leads to stimulation of receptors and neurotransmitters.

Drug rehabs provide safe treatment and therapies to restore the natural functioning of the brain. Plus, animal therapy stimulates the pleasure receptors in the brain by releasing mood-enhancing chemicals. So, people learn to develop good habits and behavior in the rehabs by getting rid of addiction.

Benefits of Animal Therapy:

1. Pets help in reducing the level of stress, depression, and anxiety.

2. Animals also promote the feeling of calm and happiness in humans.

3. Animal therapy boosts companionship and teaches people to connect.

4. They also help to address hidden feelings and boost physical activity.

5. People learn to interact with each other healthily and build trust.

Animals Used in Drug Addiction Therapy:

The most commonly used animals in the addiction recovery process are dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, rats, pigs, and alpacas.

Different Types Of Animal Therapies:

  • Equine Therapy

Under this therapy, the mutually benefiting activities are done by including a horse. These activities include handling, grooming, walking, and riding a horse. Horses are very good at detecting the feelings of humans. So, they respond quickly to happiness, anger, anxiety, and sadness. So, you can get quick feedback from a horse for your every feeling that will help you to handle your feeling in a better way.

  • Canine-Assisted Therapy

Dogs are very gentle animals that observe and interact with humans in a very interesting way. Trained therapy dogs play with the patients and that helps to heal the people mentally. Dog’s presence also helps in relieving stress and boosts the self-esteem of the patient. This is the main reason many people love to keep dogs as their pets. Dogs never betray humans and also guard them properly.

  • Feline-Facilitated Therapy

This therapy is given with the help of cats as their presence during any session helps in reducing the level of stress. Cats also help in reducing anger and depression in addicted patients. Drug addicted persons feel very emotionally supported by cats. Cats are very cute and you can also keep as many cats as you want in your home. They create no noise and provide comfort and calmness to the people.

Animals are Great Therapists:

Animal therapy is so effective that many people believe that animals are the best therapists. Trained animals are very friendly and calm. They can also quickly adapt to any environment. Animals are considered as great therapists as they allow patients to experience joy and happiness. Therefore, you can also adopt a pet that will help to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

On The Ending Note

Look for good and reliable drug rehab centers and then choose the best one according to your needs and budget. You can easily get many drug rehab centers near me by searching on the net. So, wait for no further and get ready to heal your mind and body with animals.

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