Do’s And Don’ts For A Perfect Cycling Vacation

November 5, 2019

If you are planning a cycling vacation, you want everything to be perfect. Warmer weather is ideal for cycling, so planning your vacation months in advance is key. You want to condition your body for the trip, as well as have all the equipment you need, and travel plans locked down. Check out a few do’s and don’ts below to ensure your next cycling vacation goes off without a hitch! 

Do’s For Your Trip

Make sure you build up your stamina. There is nothing worse than planning a long cycling trip only to find out that your body cannot handle the ride. Build up miles on your legs, so that you can enjoy your trip more, instead of feeling tired and worn out. Try extending weekend rides as you lead up to travel to be more prepared. 

If you are planning the trip with other cyclists, it is important to discuss your expectations. Are you going on a relaxing holiday that involves cycling or is this a training camp of sorts? Will you be riding all day or enjoying a few tourist attractions? Having a plan and everyone being on the same page will ensure the trip is enjoyed and not bothersome or annoying. Without discussing what is expected, arguments could break out and ruin the trip.

Perhaps the most important is to prepare your bike. You bike is key to the vacation. According to, the gears and brakes need to be in proper working order. Consider replacing brake pads and cables before you leave so your bike will function correctly. Any repairs should be completed well in advance of your trip. 

Don’ts For Your Trip

Do not forget to be weather aware. Consider all weather conditions for your trip. The day to day may change from hot and sunny to wet and cool, so have items that you can use to stay comfortable. Consider using removable layers like arm warmers or have a packable jacket on hand to use if the weather changes. 

Do not forget about lighting. Will you be riding in the early morning or late evening? If so, be sure to bring lighting so that you can see, but also alert motorists on roadways of your existence. This is a safety precaution that should not be forgotten. Pick up something new or use an existing light to ensure you are seen clearly.

While you are on holiday, do not forget to fuel your body the right way. You need proper nutrition in order to function on a cycling vacation. If you are going to complete long rides, be sure to use what you normally do, like energy drinks or bars. Feel free to indulge a bit, you are on vacation, but don’t forget to hydrate and provide your body with enough energy to function. 

These are just a few do’s and don’ts to consider when traveling on a cycling vacation. Be sure to plan your trip, accordingly, having everything on hand you need for an enjoyable trip. Stop and see the sights and remember to have fun! 

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