How To Make A Family Get-Together Truly Special

November 6, 2019

Family get-togethers are a great opportunity to make the most of rare time together. Seeing brothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins from across the country or maybe even globe should be cherished. If you truly do not get to see each other much, then you may want to up the ante and create a real spectacle for everyone. If you do not see each other for maybe months or even years, then you want to create photographs that will sit on the mantlepiece for years to come.

Pot Luck 

A special occasion does not necessarily have to involve big fancy meals out. In fact, sometimes pot luck dinners can be a great way to reconnect with other family members. If you have missed your sister’s cooking or your grandmother’s traybake, then this is a good way to get everyone around the table or feed people while they are standing and talking. 

The best way to do this is to assign different styles of dishes to different people (those who actually want to cook, of course). Putting some family members on the main dinner duty and others on chips and dips as this will give you good variety.

Pick A Special Venue

The venue for your family get-together should service a large number of people well. It is also a good opportunity to split the cost of somewhere that is a bit more special and up-market. Luxury rentals such as the Big House Experience, for example, provide homes that have up to 10 bedrooms. This means that you can spend evenings chatting and hanging out, and even host a party atmosphere if you are hoping for something a bit grander in style. 

Curate Activities Carefully

You want your family reunion to be memorable for all the right reasons, and so activities need to be fairly democratic. Picking days out that will suit everyone’s taste might not always be easy, but it will achieve the most enjoyable result. For example, if you pick an adventure day when you have nieces and nephews who tremble at the mere sight of a climbing wall, they may feel a little left out. Try and book and organize your days out in advance, and perhaps try collecting opinions via email as you go. 

Add Special Details

If you are the first to arrive at the venue where you will all be staying, this is a good opportunity to start adding little details for when other members arrive. Placing flower arrangements in different rooms and adding fairy lights will give your venue a warm and cozy feel, and help it feel like a truly momentous occasion. You may even wish to add some family photographs or some snacks for when people arrive, particularly if everyone has traveled long distances. 

Getting all your organization out of the way early leaves you enough time to finally enjoy your family get-together. Once you have decorations, food and activities sorted, you can kick back and enjoy spending time with the ones you love. 

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