How To Choose The Best SEO Digital Marketing Company

November 9, 2019

Every business knows that it must effectively market its product in order to be successful. As different businesses grow in number through the years, most of them are conducted online. Potential customers look for products on the web. Companies need to have a solid digital marketing strategy commonly conveyed in the best digital marketing books, especially if you are launching a new business. 

But before we start looking for the perfect digital marketing company, let us first understand what digital marketing really is. Digital marketing is advertising using digital channels. Examples of these channels are social media, search engines, mobile and web apps, email, and websites. Or put simply, it is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices. So, we turned to St. Louis SEO Stars to get more information.

Determine your goals and budget. What do you want to achieve? Is it sales? Or do you want to be the top sales-generating company? The clearer you are about your goals, the better deal with potential digital marketing companies will be. And of course, always consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend to be marketed online by these companies? How much money are you willing to invest, risk, or compromise for a better outcome for your company? There is no specific price here, but according to Deloitte’s The CMO Survey for August 2018, on average, businesses spent 7.3 percent of their revenue on marketing last year. Remember, it’s not worth spending an arm and a leg on a digital marketing package that is not relevant to your needs.

Know your target markets. Not all markets are the same. For instance, we are aware that social media is among the highest penetrating trend in the world — countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand have more active social media users than the rest of the countries around the world. However, there are subtle differences in the behaviors of social media users from different countries. Like in Indonesia, the most common social media platform is YouTube, and most people use the messaging apps WhatsApp and Line. On the other hand, Facebook is the Philippines’ top social network, while WhatsApp and Line are not that common or as popular as Facebook Messenger. If you are launching a digital marketing campaign in a certain region, it helps to identify which countries you’ll want to target first. Each region has its own culture, media, and language among other things, all of which are crucial denominators in your marketing success. Once you’ve determined your target markets, find a digital company that’s well equipped to reach these locations.

Choose an agency that meets your goals. How do we do so? It would be best to study the packages that a digital company is offering. Do they fit the needs of your company in order to achieve your goal? If their marketing strategy looks promising, go for a call. Lastly, hold a meeting with your choice of company. Ask the right questions: May I see some campaign examples? Who will be completing the work? What results can you promise me? How will results and ROI (return of investment) be measured? 

Of course, somebody has to start somewhere to be an expert in digital marketing. But, preparations will eventually make any marketer successful in the field of digital marketing.

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