Creative Ways to Propose During the Holidays

November 18, 2019

Christmas is a fantastic time – the most wonderful time of the year. Many couples choose to make it even more special by getting engaged over the holiday. You’ll certainly never forget your engagement date!

Proposing during the holidays also offers tons of opportunities to get creative with your proposal. Why not try one of these?

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Christmas gift

A traditional way of proposing during Christmas is by simply wrapping the ring as a gift and leaving it under the tree for your partner to open. Some prefer to do the ‘box in a box’ method, so it’s less obvious that there’s a ring-shaped box waiting to be unwrapped and more of a surprise when the secret is revealed. Some go even further and place the ring box in several boxes, starting with a big box and getting smaller and smaller until finally reaching the ring.

You can also place an engagement ring at the bottom of a stocking or hide it in the branches of your Christmas tree.

Treasure hunt

Another classic holiday proposal is the treasure hunt. Hide the ring in a specific spot, and then design clues that will lead your partner to that location, with a smaller gift at each location along the way. Make the locations and gifts meaningful. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should demonstrate how well you know your partner, and represent the life you’ve built together and will continue to build once you’re married.

Personalized Advent calendar

Personalized Advent calendars are widely available online and are a beautiful, intimate way to show your partner how much you love them. Fill the calendar with tokens and trinkets of your relationship, and have your partner open one every day until Christmas Eve, with the engagement ring behind the final door. You might want to keep the ring somewhere secret before then, though – just in case!

Christmas ornament

Another classic, personalized Christmas ornaments are a great pick for couples who want to remember their engagement for future Christmases. You can engrave the ornament with a simple “Will you marry me?” or choose something more specific to you and your relationship. It’s entirely up to you! Each engagement should be unique to the couple making the commitment.

Christmas cracker

If you love the idea of being surrounded by your loved ones while proposing, why not place the ring in a Christmas cracker? Alternatively, you could write the question on a piece of paper, and then, when your partner reads it, present them with the ring. It’s a fun and certainly memorable way to get engaged! read about Meds News

Before you plan any kind of proposal that involves an audience, think about what your partner would want. Would they enjoy that? Or, would they prefer it to be just the two of you? Proposals in front of others can be joyous, but think about your partner and relationship beforehand and make it a special moment that works for both of you.

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