Pet Care 101: How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

November 20, 2019

Is it time to give Fido a bath? Most people shower one time a day, but what about a dog? Figuring out how often should a dog be bathed is challenging. This is a good question and one that should be considered carefully. Keep reading to learn how to keep any dog looking and feeling fresh and clean.

The Dog’s Coat

The dog’s coat plays a huge role in how often they need to be bathed, which is something that Dog Groomers can help with. Expert advice is needed, because it is not as simple as short hair, less bathing. Hairless breeds such as Xoloitzcuintli and the Chinese Crested require more care in the form of weekly baths.

On the other hand, a long-coated breed, like the Collie and Maltese, requires a bath every four to six weeks. However, the only way a person can wait this long is by making sure the coat is maintained properly in between the baths.

The Dog’s Health

If the dog suffers from specific health conditions, a veterinarian or groomer may suggest that a medicated shampoo is used while bathing the dog. Even if the dog is healthy, a regular grooming regimen is required to keep them that way. All pets can benefit from monthly nail trimming and ear cleaning, which includes thoroughly combing and brushing the coat.

It is also important to consider the owner’s health. Sometimes, the bath is also for a person’s comfort, not the pets. If the dog owner suffers from allergies, they may react to their pet’s dander, which is easily managed with a weekly bath.

Dog’s Lifestyle

An active lifestyle is easier to manage with short coat breeds since bath time usually takes less effort. Sometimes, just giving a short-haired dog a rubdown with a wet washcloth is enough to remove the dirt picked up during a visit to the dog park.

However, if a dog is herding sheep, hunting in muddy water, or playing in the ocean all day, they may require more baths than puppies who spend most of their time inside, regardless of what breed they are.

DIY Or Professional Bath

A question that most pet owners have is if they should attempt to bathe their dog alone or hire a professional to handle this. The fact is, a groomer can handle any dog breed and coat type and ensure they get the right haircut.

A professional groomer can also provide a thorough evaluation for a dog to ensure there are no other issues, such as cuts, injuries or other potential problems. Even better, by hiring a groomer, a dog owner can avoid the stress and challenges of having to bathe a dog who may not enjoy the bathing process.

Hiring The Right Groomer Is Important

When it is time to have a dog groomed, it is a good idea to find the right groomer for the job. There is an array of things to consider, but asking for recommendations is a good way to start this search. Keep this in mind and research any options that are recommended to ensure the best of the best in the local area is found and used. Remember, having a quality groomer on call is the best way to ensure that a dog remains happy and healthy year after year.   

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