Planning Ahead: Seven Elements Of A Perfect Wine Tasting Trip

December 2, 2019

A great experience to enjoy with friends is a wine tasting trip. This is a wonderful trip at any time of the year. Choosing the right friends to share the experience with and then planning all the details is important. There is nothing more frustrating than finding some wineries closed or others too crowded. Planning prevents glitches that ruin the experience. Planning tips can make the wine tasting trip a success.

Choose The Area To Visit Well In Advance

Choose the area to have the wine tasting tour well in advance. Check out different wine country locations. A wine country area that has enough wineries to visit is important. Internet listings such as now at and other wine country websites will offer needed information. Then, can call individual wineries for more details.

Finding a Wine Trail is a good option for a more enjoyable experience. Choose a wine trail or group of wineries that are close to your location to keep travel time at a minimum. Everyone wants to be tasting wine, eating, and enjoying themselves not sitting in cars for hours at a time.

Pick The People To Take On The Wine Tasting Trip

Choose the people accompanying you carefully. Everyone should enjoy wine and each other’s company. Pick up to eight people, more are hard to manage and transport.

Decide When To Visit The Wineries

Get a list of convenient times from each person on the trip. Then, compare everyone’s times and check the wineries for special events that match those times. Some weekends will be very crowded. Weekday tours will be quieter but may not have special events to enjoy. Check the winery calendars, open hours, and upcoming events before finalizing a date. Try to plan the tour for early in the day before wineries get crowded.

Plan All The Details

Plan all the details such as the list of wineries to visit and the order to visit them in. Get directions to each location. List what each location offers such as live music, special events, and so on. Visit the winery that has lunch facilities at lunchtime. Plan on visiting only three or four wineries in one day. Make appointments at each winery in advance.

Set A Budget

Set a budget that each guest can afford and stick to it. Ask about wine pricing and other costs in advance. Advise each guest about the costs so they will come prepared. Will the wine tasting trip be for a day or for a weekend? Hotel and food costs must be planned. Wine tours can be fun, educational, and filled with memories without a high cost.

To Drive Or Not To Drive

Decide whether to drive in a couple of cars and have designated drivers or hire a driver and vehicle large enough for up to eight people. If a group has a chauffeur, everyone can enjoy the wine tasting.


Sample wines in moderation planning on drinking one glass of water per every five ounces of wine consumed. It is not considered rude to spit out part of the wine or to take only a small sip of the sample and discard the remainder. Plan on eating in between wine tastings. More wineries are offering restaurants or picnic areas for guests.

By planning on visiting local restaurants, shops, museums, and other attractions, the group will have a more rounded cultural experience. Breaking up the wine tasting experiences will help each one be unique and keep consumption at reasonable levels.

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