Three Tips For Selecting The Best Hairdryer To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Hair

December 17, 2019

Your hair is one of your assets. Its beauty is really important to you. Its good looks give you self confidence and helps you to present your best self wherever you go.

But how would you maintain your beautiful hair? One of the ways is to have a best hair drier in your home.

In this post, we will have a closer look at three important tips for selecting a quality hairdryer that will make you the beauty queen of your town. Here we go!

Features you need in a hairdryer

Before getting to the tips section, let us tell you the features you need to look for in a hairdryer. Here they are.

  • Wattage. Typically, the wattage for a general hairdryer is 800 to 1800 watts.
  • Temp control. This is really simple. Most dryers will have a high and low temperature setting.
  • Attachments. Extra combs and diffusers are the ones that may come with a dryer or you have to purchase them separately.

According to opinion of, these are the features that are most important in a hairdryer.

Having said that, let us move on to the tips section.

Tip number 1. Consider your hair type carefully:

Many of you do not know or do not think much about your hair type. This is not good. Because, if you do not consider this, you may have to lose your best armory from your beauty arsenal. That is, obviously your hair!

How would you avoid this? Do not worry, here is a solution!

Consider these questions the next time you shop for a hairdryer.

What type of hair you have? Is it thick, frizzy, thin, or curly? Is the dryer is specially made for your specific hair type? Is the hairdryer comes from a trustworthy seller? What is the price?

With these questions, you will not go much wrong in your selection for sure.

Tip number 2. Consider the different types of hair dryers and select the one that suits you the best:

Get some knowledge about the various types of hairdryers. This will aid you to select the right one that suits you.

  • Ceramic. The heating elements are made of ceramic material. Gives smooth and silky hair.
  • Ionic. Heating elements are made of metallic material. Dries your hair real quick.
  • Tourmaline. Heating element is made of multi-colored mineral, basically a gemstone. Provides you a safe hair drying experience.
  • Titanium. Heating elements are made of titanium. Best hairdryer for people with thick hair.

Tip number 3. Consider the model you want:

Based on the structure, the hairdryers are categorized into three types. They are:

  • Handheld hairdryers. These are the common ones. It is also known as travel hairdryers. Good for people who travel regularly.
  • Salon hood hairdryers. Used in parlors and salons and usually handled by the pros. Good for pro users.
  • Wall mounted hair dryers. These are also known as hotel hairdryers. Generally designed for hotels, resorts, and cruise. Good for people stay in a hotel room.

You should always think through your requirements before purchasing a hairdryer from the above list.


That is it. In a 500 words article, we hope that we have covered the most important tips you need to consider before buying a hairdryer. Have any suggestions? Share them in the comments section below.

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