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January 23, 2020
Instagram Follower

A single application with several fascinating features, a single platform where millions of people gather, a single source of entertainment for 4 billion people is known as Instagram.

This application is changing the shape of the globe and the concept of entertainment with a huge impact on the minds of people around the world. Many individuals could not imagine their life and entertainment without Instagram. The way of communication, the way of sharing, the way of texting and the way of saving memories is changed and evolving due to Instagram.

This application is changing lives how and in which manner; just have a look at following activities associated with giant social media platform:

Instagram and Photography:

The best-enhancing features of Instagram are changing the concept of photography and picture world. The fascinating colors and high-quality pictures of this application are drawing the attention of people towards this application day by day. The photography on this application is playing the role of sensory marketing for businesses and it is changing the ways of marketing for them.

Instagram and Businesses:

Instagram is supporting millions of small and medium enterprises by providing them a ground for interacting with customers all around the world and help them in finding their best niche market. This application is a giant platform for those businesses who are suffering from low market share or from low attraction of customer or those who are having a small startup business, no matter which type of business you own, you could easily make a professional or business account on this application and you could easily attract audience and draw the attention of big audience towards your products or services very easily and efficiently. This would help you in long term benefits and profits from your business.

Instagram and Passion:

Millions of users of this application around the world are following their passions and spending their passionate lives by promoting themselves on this application. Instagram provides its users with a unique and distinctive identity which sets them apart from the whole world. This application is a source of passion followers and where the people from around the world could easily represent themselves and in very prominent and unique ways. 

Instagram as a Medium:

This application is playing the role of medium between users around the world, who use to access their loved ones which are apart from each other and having huge distances in between. Individuals could easily text and video calls them from anywhere anytime from this application. This application is a ground where individuals could easily share their activities and routine life and without any such hurdle just with one effort of scrolling and clicking. This application is a giant medium of communication between users and also between businesses and customers. This medium of communication is providing ease of communication along with fun, entertainment and fascinated features which are very eye-catching and beautiful.

People who are using this application on a high extent:

When Systrom and Mike Krieger launched this application, in the very first week of launching millions of people installed this app onto their phones and they liked it to a huge extent. Now the users of this application are more than 4 billion and they are using this application at high extent, as well as people are also using alternatives to scroll Instagram even when they are not on phone like ThePicgram which people and users of Instagram are using for the better access and approachability to this application.

There are several individuals on Instagram, who are famous and are having millions of following on Instagram.


Some selected Instagram top users are given below, by looking at the following figure of these users, you would easily recognize how Instagram is influencing lives of people and how users of this application and are even searching and going through other alternatives like ThePicgram for watching these people:

1. Christian Ani:

The most searched user of Instagram, whom people used to follow and like. Christian Ani has 6.2 thousand followers on Instagram and he is having 611 posts that are most liked by users of Instagram.

2. Apolo Ohno :

Another top searched Instagram user, which is followed and searched by people in the very high margin. Apolo ohno has 75.6 thousand followers on this application and he has posted 2,721 posts for its followers.

3. Bullionstacker:

This Instagram user is also most searched by people on Instagram and they use to follow him too. Bullionstacker has a unique identity of coin collector on Instagram where he uses to collect coins from around the world.

4. Chel Hell bunny:

This is another top searched Instagram user, chelhellbunny has 49.8 thousand followers.

5. Destiny Dixon:

This Instagram user is again top searched Instagram user, destiny Dixon has 484.4 thousand followers on Instagram.

6. Love Lavish Styles:

This Instagram account has top searched content and lavish styles have 2.4 thousand followers on Instagram and it is fascinating its followers with 364 posts on this application.

7. Liara Roux:

This Instagram account is also mostly searched by Instagram users and liara roux has 105.3 thousand followers on Instagram.

8. Sport Observer:

This account has been searched by users if this application to a high extent and the sportobserver has almost 801 posts by which he uses to fascinate its followers.

9. Dr.Umar Johnson:

This Instagram user is among the list of top users and people on Instagram use to follow him to a high extent. Umar Johnson has 483 thousand followers and he almost has 11,404 posts for its users.

10. Wiki deeks:

This account is among the most searched accounts of Instagram list and the wikideeks has almost six thousand people following them.

These all individuals are the top users of Instagram and they are getting benefits by this application at high extent, as this application is providing them a unique identity so the people around the world are attracting towards them and for searching them people are even using another alternative like ThePicgram for having access to their content and for getting in touch with the information around the world.

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