How To Store Your Items Properly In A Storage Unit

February 13, 2020

When you rent a storage unit, don’t just dump stuff inside. Not only would this be dangerous for your items, but it would also make locating your stuff extremely difficult. The main point of a storage facility is that your items are in a safe location. Stacking many things will put them in a precarious situation.

 Here I shall discuss how to store your items properly in a storage unit.

  • Choose The Right Size

 One crucial factor that you should take into consideration when looking for storage units is that you should find one that’s the perfect size for you. Renting a storage facility that is way too big for you will mean you are paying too much for space. On the other hand, it is counterintuitive to pay for a unit that won’t be able to fit all of your items. Check out a self storage size guide so you can have an estimate on what your size requirements should be.

  • Clean Your Belongings

 Before storing your items, make sure that you clean all of them out. Your furniture, electronics, clothing, and books can contain alien materials. Even the smallest amount of dirt, rust, or mould can translate to a huge problem. Over an extended period, these could potentially multiply exponentially, leaving you with a unit filled with destroyed items.

  • Take Everything Apart

 If you plan to store furniture like bookshelves, couches, and beds, it would be ideal to disassemble them into separate parts. This part optimizes the space taken by your furniture. At the same time, it would prevent your furniture from getting damaged during transit.

  • Wrap Fragile Items With Bubble Wrap

 Wrap all of the fragile items like glassware, plates, and electronics in bubble wrap, clothing, or newspaper. This would guarantee its safety, especially during the move.

  • Cover Wooden Furniture

 Wooden furniture must be covered with a breathable material so it can “breathe.” Condensation can accumulate, and you should know that water is your enemy. Wooden parts can quickly rot when moisture is present. You don’t want to find out that the structural integrity of your furniture got compromised when you take them out in the future.

  • Label All Boxes

 Make it a habit to write down all of the items you store inside. To avoid confusion, you should also put down where each piece went. Put a label on all of your boxes for easier location of your items. 

  • Stack Boxes Based on Fragility

 Once you have packed all of your items into boxes, you need to sort out which of your boxes have fragile items. Make sure that when stacking the boxes inside the storage unit, you put all of these boxes on the top, so there is no weight crushing on them.

  • Store Items Based on Accessibility

 When arranging your belongings, it is crucial that you identify which items you will need often. Put these in boxes on the front while things that you won’t need for a long time should go in the back.

  • Ask For Assistance

 If you still feel lost about how to store your items, you can always ask for assistance. Packing and moving can be stressful. This, however, is not an excuse for you to be reckless with it.

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