Tips for Living in London on a Budget

February 20, 2020

London has been the most travel worthy city in Europe, and a lot of people in various continents aspire to be there one day.

According to recent study by a few Asian magazines, middle aged men and youngsters are always in search of study plans and packages which can help them to travel to Europe and London is one of their priorities.

The only hurdle which can smash your dream to travel to London is the amount of money, you will have to spend there and the cost of travelling. If you are from a developing state and your currency is not strong enough, then you will have to plan bigger, but once you have got a job and you are earning in pounds, then you can have  stable life style.

Once you are in London, then you must plan your budget while spending on things, which you always wanted to try. Especially if you are not a native. But, if it is not an easy task to live in London, then how are the natives surviving. This is not a secret and I have written this article after contacting people who have been living there.

Here are some worth following tips.

1.    Go for free things

For instance, if you want to enjoy music, some classic tunes or orchestra then you can visit churches, there you will have a full-fledged music without some fancy guests.

Similarly, you can have a visit at libraries, there you can spend some quality time with books, and there you will not have to spend any penny.

2.    Look for charity shops

If you are not a fan of fancy clothes and on a routine, you can wear any sort of clothes then charity shops are for you for buying clothes and shoes.

There you can find a lot of other things, for daily use on an affordable rate. Areas like Mayfair, Chelsea and Richmond has got the best charity shop. You will not even realize any great difference between these items and those available at other malls.

3.    Share the rent

If you are living alone, then you are not supposed to rent a whole room or an apartment. Instead you must look for some friends who will love to stay with you.

You can share the rent; this will keep your wallets warm. Moreover, if you are planning a short visit to London, then before your departure you must do proper research about the places to live in.

4.    Managing bills

In London you will have to pay council bills, but you can skip this if you have found a room, where you will have to pay the bill once in a month, which will include all your bills.

For students there are various rules for council taxes, so you must try to learn about that as well.

5.    Food

There are a lot of subscriptions available in London, for instance nectar card is a nice option. You can look for such discounts, once you have subscribed to them you can get good food on cheap rates.

6. Downsize

Aside from flat-sharing, you may also opt for a smaller flat, which is of course, cheaper than an average-sized one. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to get rid of some of your belongings, as you won’t have much space for a lot of stuff.
However, if you do find that there are some things you would rather hold on to but don’t necessarily need in your daily life, you may also hire a man and van in London and have them transport your stuff into a storage unit.

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