7 Millennial Views About Mobile Home Parks

February 28, 2020

 The Millennial generation is far more racially and ethnically diverse than other generations. Under the right social and economic conditions, twenty and thirty somethings are buying property, particularly when they get married and start families.

Home Parks

A great option for first home owners is a mobile home, as they are a cheaper housing alternative compared to traditional housing, enables young people to build their credit score, and makes the dream of being a home buyer achievable.

Let’s take a look at some key reasons why millennials are opting to move into mobile home parks.

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#1 – An Affordable Housing Alternative

This was mentioned in the intro, and the price of getting into a mobile home is a huge draw card for the millennial generation. Even if they opted to rent a mobile home rather than buy one, the cost of renting is small compared to a regular house or apartment, so mobile homes are really a no brainer when it comes to the financial aspect.

#2 – Millennials Expect a Modern Mobile Home Park

They don’t want to live in the old “trailer park” kind of establishment. They want a mobile home park that’s picturesque and pleasant, possibly even located near a river or a lake. Millennials are seeking out mobile home parks where everything is new and modern and has a positive vibe. There also must be gardens and pathways where they can get some exercise, either by going for a walk or jogging.

#3 – The Park Must Have Facilities and Amenities

Convenience and having things to do are both important to the younger generation. Millennials expect a mobile home park to have a swimming pool, areas where you can cook, eat and entertain outdoors, public facilities, and maybe even a game’s room where they can get together with friends and shoot some pool or play the latest arcade games. Some parks even have small meeting halls which can be used for functions, such as a birthday party or a meeting of the management and residents.

#4 – Millennials Expect a Low Maintenance Lifestyle

Today so many people are busy with their jobs and careers, as well as socializing or spending time with their young families. Millennials don’t want to have to consume loads of their time house cleaning or maintaining their property. That’s one of the huge appeals of modern day mobile home park living. It truly is a low maintenance lifestyle that gives residents more time (and money) to do the things they truly enjoy. Cleaning a small mobile home is quick and easy, as is looking after the small lot the home is situated on.

#5 – There Must Be An Efficient Management Team Running the Show

To maintain that low maintenance, free and easy lifestyle, the mobile home park needs to be run and looked after by an experienced, as well as friendly, management team. Millennials want to know there is someone they can contact if needed, as well as being confident that the park will be kept in pristine condition, with things like repairs carried out expediently and the grounds clean and tidy.

#6 – Location Is Important

Millennials need to be close to the things that interest them. This could mean shopping, cinemas, the cafe scene, night life and work. For those with young families, they’ll want to be near decent schools too. It’s all about convenience for them, and not having to travel far and wide to indulge in the pleasures they like to enjoy. If a mobile home park is located too far away from a thriving metropolis, millennials feel it’s too far out of the loop and far too isolated.

#7 – Safety and Security

This aspect is important for everyone. All mobile home park dwellers want to feel like they’re living in a safe and secure environment that’s like a sanctuary. Gated mobile home communities, equipped with on site managers, CCTV cameras and likely some security guards as well really helps with the all important peace of mind factor that’s essential in the modern world.

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