The Best Places To Shop In Prague

February 28, 2020

If you are planning on staying in Prague, then it is best you prepare yourself for one thing. The Czech Republic is usually quite cheap for foreign tourists. You will be able to pick up a number of interesting things here for a great price, and we know just where to go.

Department Stores In The Heart Of Prague

You will find many large shopping centers and galleries in Prague where you can purchase from both small, world-wide brands as well as Czech brands. Most shopping centers have an underground storey allowing for direct access to the metro. Located above the metro stop, Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), is the shopping centre, Palladium, where just the architectural aspect of the building is sure to catch your eye. The Palladium is a reconstructed historical military barracks from the 19th Century, within which a modern department space is hidden. The shopping mall has on offer many stores selling clothes and shoes, restaurants inspired by gastronomy from around the world, and also confectioneries and much more.

The Nový Smíchov Shopping Centre also provides access to a wide range of brands. You can arrive here by getting off the metro at Anděl (Angel, metro stop), but should you travel here by car, you will be happy to hear that long-term parking is free. Here you will find many of the same stores as the Palladium, although, visitors are sure to appreciate the distinct lack of tourists. Apart from the everyday supermarket, you can find everything here. You’ll run into plenty of stores with clothes, cosmetics, books as well as a number of restaurants on the top floor. It is not even only inside the actual building that you will find yourself surrounded by stores. Step outside to see even more shops, which is why we would recommend using a map on your phone when exploring Nový Smíchov.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Tight Spaces

Do you dislike shopping centers? Then head over to Wenceslas Square. If you walk the perimeter of the square in a circle, you will run into many boutiques with off-the-shelf and designer clothing, the largest book store in the city offering books in various languages, including Czech classics (palác Neoluxor), and numerous intriguing cafés, restaurants, and other things of interest. If you set out from the lower part of the square (near the Koruna Palace) facing Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), you will come across more and more passageways with shops selling popular clothing and cosmetic brands. One interesting sight, located on Na Příkopě street, is the biggest toy store in central Europe. Hamleys entices both children and adults alike with its merry-go-round, water fountains and giant figurines of the Czech fairy tale character, Krteček (a little mole character). 

If you insist on finding the choicest fashion options, we recommend visiting the local Jewish quarter, Josefov, or more specifically, Pařížskástreet. It is here one can find the most luxurious world-wide brands in all of Prague. This is a great place even for people who didn’t come to Prague to shop. The street and the surrounding neighbourhood are well-known historical and architectural testaments that Josefov was once a Jewish ghetto. 

Czech Brands Worth Familiarizing Yourself With

There are several Czech brands sold all around the world that you should not leave town without getting to know.

Dermacol is a cheap, yet quality, Czech brand offering both decorative cosmetics and interesting shower gels and body milks with softly exotic fragrances to choose from. You can find one of the Dermacol stores located at OC Quadrio. 

Havlíkova apotéka (HAVLIK) is very popular for its use of strictly organic materials without the addition of any kind of artificial ingredients. In the Czech Republic, Havlík is a love brand. Their shops smell of dried herbs, which line every shelf. Havlíkova apotéka offers pure, 100% plant-based oil, sweet-smelling soaps and creams that keep satisfied customers making return trips. You can find this lovely-scented store located on Jilská street, but also at OC Černý Most and OC Palladium.

Manufactura is also a rustic cosmetics store with strong scents, which is popular with foreign tourists, especially for its series of beer cosmetics. You can find their stores scattered about the city centre, like on Melantrichová street, but you will also find them in any of the larger shopping centers.

The Oxal is company has a location in every shopping mall and offers sprinkled and fragrant tea blends with herbs, petals, pieces of fruit or candy. Here you can buy 100% tea and coffee from around the world.

Maybe you have heard of the Baťa brand before as the hand-sewn, leather shoes they make are world renowned. The quality is amazing, as well as their variety of design: from outdoor shoes to elegant pumps. The largest Baťa store is located on the lower part of Wenceslas Square. There are several floors for you to go through and they have been split into different categories. The store also includes an outlet department where you can find cheaper Baťa shoes coming in at just a few hundred CZK.

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