Terni, Umbria

March 5, 2020

The locals probably know Terni as the city where the roar of steel mills never goes silent, as long as the fire is hot enough to melt the iron. At the core of its existence is a rich heritage that has been spun over centuries. Some visitors come to Terni to make sense of their beliefs and many more are here to soak in the natural wonders that adorn the landscape.

Now that you are in Terni, what is there for you to do? Let us explore:

Cascata Delle Marmore

When you look at this water feature for the first time, nothing in its details gives away the fact that it is man-made. Well, it is! The Marmore Falls is an impressive outdoor attraction just outside of Terni. Everything about it indicates that it has been there since the world was formed but the truth is that it is not, actually, no other man-made fall in the world is as tall as the Cascata Delle Marmore.

Parco Fluviale Del Nera

The ecosystem in which the Cascata Delle Marmore exists is what is known as the Black River Park on the eastern side of Terni. It is a protected area that runs across the black and Velino Rivers. With a vast land area spanning 2,200 hectares, Parco Fluviale Del Nera is the perfect spot for nature lovers; you will see trees and plants that will leave you completely mesmerized. Hiking and cycling are popular activities here but even will all this all you want to do is tour the neighboring villages, the experience is unforgettable.


Ask anyone who has been to Italy places they know and Carsulae may just appear on that list. How much would you pay to go back to 300 BC just to see how life was? Well, Carsulae has been well preserved to tell the story of the ancient Roman Empire. The town is currently old and looks as much, but its immense age has been camouflaged by the story that resides inside the various buildings in it. Even for those who do not have a lot of time to spend in Italy, the easy accessibility and convenience of travel makes it hard to resist. It takes about 25 minutes from Terni in the bus tours that frequent the route.

Basilica San Valentino, Terni

If the name of this location suggest to you that it is a church, you are right. Having been built in the 17th Century, the fantastic architecture used still projects through this religious structure. There is a tomb in the premises — one that people travel from very far just to come and see. If you believe in love, then you automatically subscribe to Valentine’s Day; the remains of Saint Valentine lie in this tomb. It is not an ordinary tomb – the remains of Saint Valentine are house inside a glass case, which forms the base of the main church altar. The entire case is enclosed within a death mask made out of gold. You might not have reason to celebrate love, but such art is hard to ignore.

Roman Amphitheatre

There is no doubt that Terni is an ancient town, but so important is that fact that modern leadership has deliberately supported preservation of what is there. The Roman Amphitheater is quite old, however with a bit of renovation and remodeling, art performances find a stage here.

Duomo Di Terni

This is just any other Terni Cathedral so why does it feature in the list of popular attractions? If this is what is going through your mind then you must be new to the fact that this is no ordinary cathedral. Terni Cathedral stands out for its strange design — actually it looks nothing like a religious building and more like a palace. What would you think of a building that took 11 centuries to complete? Well, works on the cathedral began the 6th Century and it was not after the start of the 17th Century that it was consecrated. Look at it from the front and your eyes are immediately drawn to the arched portico topped with 8 statues made from marble. These are the images of saints and prominent figures within the religious circles. Walk through the entry way into the casino and right there at the front is an altar framed within a pair of stained glass.

Giardini Pubblici La Passeggiata

You will need a pleasant place to take a rest and unwind from a long day of walking through the various attraction and you have the Giardini Pubblici La Passeggiata. This park lies next to both the Roman Amphitheatre and the Duomo. It is an interesting location to walk through to clear the mind with the delightful sights of the historical Terni center. The park sits on quite an extensive piece of land which starts at the edge of the Via Cavour. Inside the park are footpaths which have obviously been made by the movements of other adventurous travellers; they are lined with tall gorgeous trees on both sides to create a sort of haven for peaceful relaxation.

Casa del Poggio

This is one attraction in Terni that you can pay to live in together with others. The perfect holiday accommodation choice for large group of travellers who would rather make memories together, the building, which was originally constructed to be used as stables, has been run as human residence for the past 100 years. Now under the management of Tuscany Now & More, this house which stands at the edge San Gemini village is within close proximity to restaurants and shops. The past use of this house is not the only thing that draws visitors to it — Tuscany Now & More has upgraded it to high luxury accommodation standards.

As a popular tourist destination located in the southern countryside of Umbria, Terni benefits from its perfect blend of modern and classic beauty. The city is encompassed by national parks as well as other areas where natural abides like the Lago di Piediluco and Parco Fluviale del Nera. Many buildings that were set up during the prehistoric era continue to be a source of amusement for many who visit this destination. Whether you are in Terni for the first time or a returning tourist, the elaborate road network to other cities makes travelling and finding your way around quite practical.

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