Day Trips You Should Take This Summer

March 20, 2020

With the international tourist industry effectively slowing to a halt due to a pandemic, many of you might be wondering exactly how you are going to spend your time over the coming weeks and months. Are we all going to be housebound for the foreseeable future? There stands a chance that at some point that will become the official advice, but for now the government is following a policy of ‘herd immunity’ — by following common sense, we will be able to restrict our interactions with one another, and thereby minimize the chance that we will unknowingly receive (or more importantly, transmit) the virus.

So what should we look for in a day trip this summer? Let us take a look:

Go Remote

The closer you are to other people, the greater the risk to you and your family. As such, there is a great deal to commend about walking holidays in the Scottish highlands, the Lake District, and the Peak District.

Grab A Bargain On The Beaten Track

On the other hand, with demand slumping in those popular tourist hotspots, you are unlikely to run into enormous crowds – and even then, some simple social distancing measures can help you to minimize the risk. Among the more welcome consequences of this is that you will not have to contend with masses of people (which in and of itself is a good thing); thus the best beaches are likely to be tolerable even at the height of summer. For another thing, the slump in demand will almost certainly force prices down, making it easy to grab a bargain.

Picnic In The Wilderness

Since restaurants are probably a source of unwelcome social contact, it is worth planning a few special meals of your own. This might mean setting up a picnic in the wilderness or it might mean going camping, and having an impromptu outdoor barbeque. There are many parks in the UK where this is permissible, but you will need to check the relevant rules to make sure you are not overstepping the mark.

Historic Buildings

There are certain sorts of attraction where your contact with other people will naturally be limited. Concerts and sports events are obviously a higher-risk than other locations, where you will have plenty of room around you. Historic buildings, like cathedrals, are actually ideal — they are vast and spacious, and there are no door handles to contend with. There is no shortage of historic cathedrals to consider, and many of them are easily reached via train. You can catch a train to Peterborough, see its cathedral, and then head straight north to Lincoln, where there is another one waiting.

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