March 24, 2020

Many of the hottest hair styles and trends have one thing in common: they do a lot of damage to your hair.

Think about the over-teased and sprayed hair of the 1980s. Or the icy blonde locks that have been making waves in the 2010s. These styles come at a cost.

Taking care of your hair and investing in damage repair will help keep your locks luscious and shiny for years to come. Here are the top professional tips for repairing your damaged hair.

Deep Condition Regularly

Styling and washing strips nutrients from the hair, including the natural oils your scalp produces to keep your locks shiny. Similarly, heat exposure, dyes, and products tend to dry out your hair and cause damage over time.

Professional hairstylists around the world recommend setting aside time to deep condition your hair on a regular basis. Using natural products re-introduces vitamins and minerals that can help restore your hair to its original vigor. Read about the amazing benefits of aloe vera for hair to learn more.

Turn Down the Heat

Heat is by far the leading cause of hair damage. The common forms of heat exposure include:

  • the sun
  • blowdryers
  • flat irons and curling irons
  • water

Invest in a leave-in conditioner with SPF protection before hitting the beach in the summer. When you use hot tools on your hair, dial back the heat a bit. Finally, washing your hair with room temperature water can make a huge difference over time.

Another thing to remember is that every time you use hot tools, you should apply a heat protectant spray first. Give your hair a good spritz and let it soak in for a couple of minutes before styling.

Get Trims Frequently

You may have heard that trimming your hair will help it grow faster. While this is a myth, its origins are built in truth.

When you trim your hair, you cut away split ends. Split ends cause breaks in the hair, and the longer you leave them, the further up they will creep. This can create the illusion that your hair is growing slowly when in truth, it’s actually breaking off.

By scheduling regular trims to keep split ends at bay, you’ll prevent further damage to your hair and give it a chance to grow.

Be Careful with Wet Hair

Wet hair should be handled with care. Never apply a hot tool to your hair until it’s completely dry. If you hear a sizzle and pop, it’s time to put down the tool and stop.

It’s also essential that you avoid using a regular brush immediately after getting out of the shower. Unless you specifically have a wet brush, brushing your hair will pull and cause breakage as you get stuck in tangles. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.

Finally, it’s time to ditch the terry cloth towels and switch to a microfiber or a cotton t-shirt. The coarseness from a towel creates friction when drying your hair. Reduce the impact by squeezing your hair dry rather than rubbing it with a towel.

Buy Salon-Grade Products

Last but not least, any professional will tell you to use salon-grade products for your hair. There are currently investigations underway examining the use of counterfeit or rejected salon-brands in grocery stores, which may contain harsh chemicals and bacteria. Buy directly from your stylist or use natural products, like coconut and argan oil.

Furthermore, don’t fall trap to multi-level marketing and direct sales companies who promise to restore your hair. Many of the products contain silicone, which creates a false thickness by creating a barrier on the hair that prevents the absorption of natural oil. If a friend from highschool starts selling hair products, avoid them like the plague.

Preventative Care Trumps Repair

The best way to repair your hair is to take precautions against damage, rather than dealing with damage after the fact. Talk to your stylist about what other steps you can take to repair your unique locks.

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