How To Prepare For A Golf Vacation

March 27, 2020

No matter if you are a passionate golfer or just a novice at this sport, we reckon that a golf vacation is something you are really looking forward to, right? If your answer is ‘yes’, all you have to do is to keep on reading, because we are here to help you plan it! Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for a golf vacation like a real pro, so check them out and get down to business right away:

Research The Golf Courses In The First Place

Assuming you already know how to play golf, your upcoming golf trip will largely depend on the type of golf course you want to play golf on, so bear that in mind before you start searching. As you probably already know, there are three main types of golf courses that can be found around the world. Firstly, there are links golf club that are commonly found in coastal areas, where the coastal location helps to create the hills, ridges, and fairways. Secondly, there are parkland golf courses that are far greener than the previous course type. This is because golf eventually moved away from the coastline and went inland. The flat fairways do the trick for gentle bounces on these courses. The third type is a desert golf course which is built in areas with a natural desert. It features sand dunes and other natural desert features. So, take these into consideration before you make a final decision and you will be off to a good start!

Pack Your Suitcase

Packing your suitcase for the upcoming vacation is the next important step, so grab your favorite piece of luggage and start packing. Of course, your golf clothes are the first thing you will need on this trip, but remember that these should not be a costume. This means that you should pick clothes that can be worn outside the course without screaming ‘I played golf today’. Polo shirts with a built-in collar are always a good choice, as well as a few pairs of shorts or slacks, depending on the weather. As for the golf shoes, you should choose between three types: shoes with steel spikes, those with soft spikes, or spikeless shoes. Your final choice should depend on the type of golf course you will be playing on. A belt and a several pairs of socks are also a must, as well as any kind of hat (baseball caps and visors are a great option). Apart from the golf clothes, be sure to pack your regular clothes you will wear out of the golf course. Also, you must bring the perfect accessory and that is a Zenith watch, which will make your look timeless and elegant!

Pack Your Golf Bag

Step up your game with a Bad Birdie golf bag. When it comes to your golf bag, it needs to be fully packed with essentials you will need on the golf course. Even though, casual golfers often tend to leave their equipment at home and rent it on the spot, in order to prevent personal loss or damage, carrying your equipment is crucial if you will be taking part in a golf tournament or anything similar. So, get the best golf bag in the first place and start packing your stuff! Golf clubs are obviously a huge must, as well as golf balls, gloves, extra spikes and spike tools, a pocket knife, and several towels. Wrenches will also be needed for specific clubs, and the same goes for a compact first aid kit that includes medications, alcohol wipes, band-aids, sunscreen, and insect repellents. Healthy snacks, such as nuts and energy bars are also welcome, as well as energy drinks if you like to drink them while playing. Just do not forget any of these and you will be more than fine!

Get Ready For Any Weather

When planning a golf vacation, you should be ready for any weather, which is exactly why you should bring weather-specific gear. Of course, you should check before you embark on a trip. Checking local online weather providers is also a good idea, so make sure to do that as well. Depending on the geographic span and the length of your trip, you may need to pack appropriate clothes for multiple weather conditions. Such gear should include rain gear, moisture-wicking clothing, jackets, and sweaters. Even though rain gear is quite specific — some would think uncomfortable — we must say that it is made from breathable, waterproof, and wind-resistant fabrics that will not compromise your movement while playing. Also, bear in mind that weather can quickly change — particularly in coastal and mountainous golf destinations, so do not forget an umbrella and rain gloves and you will not make a mistake!

As you can see, getting ready for a golf vacation does not have to be as tricky as you probably thought. There are many useful tips on how to prepare it like a true pro, so check them out, follow our guidelines, and you’ll make it happen with success. That is a promise!

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