Do Not Fear Your Facial Fuzz: What To Do About Upper Lip Hair

May 25, 2020

Okay, let us just say right off the bat there is absolutely nothing wrong with facial hair. There are many women who embrace their facial hair and accept it as just another part of their own unique brand of beauty. Around 17% of women are affected by female hirsutism (meaning that they grow beards and mustaches at the same rates as their male counterparts) and many of these ladies wear their facial hair with pride, accentuating it in their beauty regimen rather than attempting to eliminate it. And while many of us have little more than a fine layer of peach fuzz on our upper lips, the decision to wear it with pride or get rid of it should be ours alone.

That said, for those who want to remove it, achieving a smooth upper lip can be challenging. Here we will look at some effective ways in which you can deal with facial fizz safely and effectively:

Hair Removal Cream

For many women, the idea of setting a razor against their facial skin is less than desirable. And the idea of wax may make their eyes water just a little bit. If you fall into this category, hair removal creams may be a viable alternative.

While these creams are usually gentle enough to use on your face, they can leave your skin feeling slightly red and irritated. A little aloe vera gel is usually all you need to address this. It is also worth noting that this method can make hair grow back thicker and darker, so it is something that you will need to do fairly regularly to stay on top of it. 


There was a time when the use of lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for hair removal was something you could only do in salons. Now, however, as this technology has become more sophisticated and affordable, there you can remove hair with a laser from the comfort of your very own home. While the results may not be instant, they can give you the gift of semi-permanent hair removal and far less maintenance when it comes to hair all over your body. 

Razors And Depilators

Do not be deterred by the idea of using a razor on your face. It is far easier and gentler than you may assume, even for those with very sensitive skin. There are all kinds of battery powered electric razors and precision depilators which can remove hair with speed, comfort, and precision. Again, however, they may need to be used regularly or even daily if you are aiming for total smoothness. 


Face waxing by can give you extremely smooth skin. However, you may find it difficult to perform at home due to the pain or discomfort. Some people tend to have higher pain thresholds than others. Therefore waxing is borderline unbearable for some while others feel only a slight tug. Nonetheless, waxing is easier and safer when done by a professional. 


Finally, threading can give you longer lasting results as hairs are pulled out by the root. However, if you have ever had your eye brows threaded, you know that this is not one of the most pain free methods out there. It is also advisable to exfoliate gently around 2 weeks after the treatment to prevent any ingrown hairs. 

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