Tips To Make Your First Mobile Casino Game Successful

June 10, 2020

Mobile casino gaming is a rapidly developing platform that allows online casino operators to reach large demographics. Just take a look at the best Norwegian casinos as an example, or beste norske casinoer if you’re in Norway, to see just how popular and accessible they are. Social casinos are accessible through mobile devices in the form of applications via various social media platforms anywhere, anytime.

With a booming mobile market, many game developers are looking to be successful with this genre. Though mobile casino gaming is by no means a small sector anymore, it still has the potential for most growth and platform expansion.

So, it can be tempting for a business with an existing casino to dive straight into the market. But before you do, take a look at the tips at the below tips that will increase your chances of success.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

While casino operators needed to choose their target mobile platform earlier, say iOS or Android, there are now solutions available that enable the development of the casino and then to easily port it to any other platform. Using this lets you develop mobile casino games for iOS, but then create a version that will work for Android, HTML, or even Facebook. The benefits of this process are:

Uniform UI/UX – By creating a core version of your application, you can make sure that it looks and feels the same for all users. This enables them to use the app easily, irrespective of the platform they’re using to access it.

Cost-Effective – Developing an app for one platform and then porting it to another is much easier than developing distinct apps for each platform.

Originality Counts

There are thousands of casino games available for the mobile platform these days, so there is no point in populating the market with another one. You should have a clear idea about your competitors. There is no point in competing with the top game providers like Microgaming and NetEnt, as these are well-established companies and you cannot topple them now. Creating mobile games that are similar in theme and feel to popular games will only lead to failure. Your game should have an immersive theme and some unique features. The fresh element in your game will surely help you in attracting players.

Use Feedbacks

You might think that you have a killer mobile gaming concept, but it is important to have a reality check. So, before launching the game to your target demographic fully, select a testing territory to run a live beta test. Let ardent gamers play it and then ask them for their views about their expectations. Look at what they tell you and use it to put a finer focus on your social casino startup.

Customers First

Many developers have a policy “launch it and forget it”. They get so busy in other tasks that customers are not given the priority they deserve. Do not make this mistake, and set up dedicated customer service for the players. There are many problems that gamers might face such as installation issues, claiming bonuses, and so on. These problems can easily be attended by a live chat, email or phone support. 

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