Three Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Bestie

June 15, 2020

If you have a friend or family member who is currently expecting, you must make sure that you help them feel as comfortable as possible, especially if they are your oldest and dearest friend. But, aside from being easily reachable with a phone call and indulging in endless snacks with them when thor cravings hit, what else is there that you can do? Being there for your pregnant friend is not all about asking them how they feel every five minutes; you can treat them to something, too. Here are three gift ideas for your pregnant best friend:

A Photoshoot

As they inch closer to giving birth, it will give them a chance to reflect on their experiences, while also giving them a constant reminder of their pregnancy, aside from their child, of course.

Photoshoot spaces are one of the most important elements of any photoshoot. A photo shoot studio for rent can be a great way and it will give you the perfect backdrop for your photoshoot and help you capture the best photos possible. Professional photographers often have experience in setting up photoshoots and can provide helpful advice on how to make your photoshoot look great. So, if you are planning a photoshoot, consider renting a photoshoot space for the best photoshoot experience.

Picking the right maternity photographer can help put your friend at ease, especially if they have not felt too body-positive while pregnant. Through this photoshoot, you can show them what everyone else sees, and it may help them feel more confident about themselves. Once the photographs are developed, they can hang them proudly around the house for all to see. 

An Instruction Manual

They say there is no such thing as the right way to parent, and they might have a point. However, that does not mean you cannot still help your friend prepare for her pregnancy the way she wants to. There is a myriad of parenting books out there, and each one is full of valuable information that can help them overcome the tricky first-time parenting hurdles. 

If they think they can do it all themselves, then let them, but you can still buy them something to keep track of their parenting experience with a parenthood journal. This gives them a personalized account of their thoughts and feelings about being a parent, and it will give them something to look back on after the kids have finally flown the next. 

Somewhere Special

Sending your friend and their partner on a trip somewhere special will give them the chance to have one last couple’s night before welcoming a bundle of joy into the world. Babymooning is a popular way to do this, and it usually does not involve anything too stressful or strenuous. 

The mother may not be able to celebrate with a bottle of wine, as she would like to, but it will help them reconnect and discuss any fears or feelings they have about being parents. Or, they can make it a baby-free night and act as they have just met all over again. 

What To Expect

For many pregnant besties, their thoughts are entirely on the baby, when it might arrive, and how they will cope with the joyful, but also daunting task of becoming a first-time parent. This is why treating them to something special before giving birth will help them relax, gather their thoughts, and maybe feel a little better about everything, and all with their best friend by their side. What are besties for, anyway? 

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