Ways To Save Money In The Long Run

June 27, 2020

You might often look at celebrities and rich people and feel envy that they have more than you. And it is understandable. Everyone wishes they were just a tad richer than they are now.

You have to realize one thing, though. Often, making smart savings can yield long-term results. Similarly, buying more quality things might save cash in the long run. Does it sound too obscure? Well, let us explain through some practical examples:

Use Cash Or A Debit Card

The biggest mistake Americans make is using credit cards. Sure, they might come in handy a few times, but for the most part, they only bring more debt.

If you can, ditch the credit card altogether. All it does is make you want to shop more than you can afford. How many times did you get things you could not afford just because your credit card was handy? That is right. Ditch it!

Using a debit card or cash will limit you to buying only the things that you can afford. That way, you will learn how to better control your impulses and make wiser decisions in the future.

Activate The Cashback Option

Some debit card providers often have a cashback system that puts away money for each dollar you spend.

Let’s say you have just bought a TV for $300. The cashback program automatically puts aside $3 (or whatever percentage you’ve set it to) from your card balance into a savings account. Each time you spend money, the program saves up more and more.

Invest In Quality Appliances

In some cases, you pay more for a t-shirt just because it is from a renowned brand. But when it comes down to appliances, that price is worth it most of the time.

A good washing machine, for example, lasts far longer than one that costs $100-200. The same rule applies to ovens, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators. But by far, the appliance that will save you money long-term is the dishwasher.

The best high end dishwashers consume less electricity than cheaper models. Similarly, they come equipped with sensors that target hard-to-clean spots better. In short, they save money on detergent and water far better than regular models. So, while the initial investment is more prominent, the return on investment is much higher.

Join Loyalty Programs

Many supermarkets, stores, and gas stations offer some kind of loyalty program. Sometimes those programs yield lower prices, while other times, they give you points that can be converted into vouchers.

Whatever the case may be, if you shop often in a certain place, registering for their loyalty program is worth it. The savings may not look like much at first, but you’ll get to keep more money in the long run than you might realize.

Prepare Your Own Lunch

Many workers, especially those in office buildings, choose to eat lunch at a restaurant or cafeteria.

It is no secret that these places charge higher prices than what you would pay for store-bought food and drinks. So, why do you keep doing this if you have money problems? Instead, cook your own meal and pack your lunch.

Sure, some people might give you a weird look. But why should you care? Prepping your own meals can save you up to $800 a month. You could buy other useful things with the saved money, or finally rent a bigger home.

Change Your Electricity Provider

Did you know that many states offer you the possibility of changing your electricity provider? As an example, North American Power charges a penny less for a kilowatt-hour than the default provider in Connecticut. 

It might not seem like much, but you could be saving $5 or even $10 a month, depending on how much you consume. Add that up, and you would have an extra $60 or even $120 a year to spend on other things. Apart from this, there’s a lot more you can do to save on electricity bills.

Wrapping Up

Using common sense and following these rules can save you thousands of dollars per year. Do you have any other tips that were not covered here? Could you share your thoughts with us below?

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