Five Essential Travel Gears To Add To Your Packing List

July 14, 2020

Whether you are an amateur traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, making a list of travel essentials holds crucial importance. Forget a thing, and you will find yourself scrambling to the nearest shop of your destination to buy it at exorbitant rates. So, a comprehensive travel checklist that covers all the essential gears, as well as occasionally used items, is indispensable. Here in this article, you will come across some fundamental travel gear that every excursionist will need at some point in its voyage. Read the article to be aware of these essential travel items, and do not forget to pack these crucial accessories first.

Survival Travel Bandanas

Bandanas are a must to have for travel minimalists owing to their far-flung boons. With a little weight of 12 grams and scads of ways to carry them, a bandana serves as a perfect travel fashion accessory for you to take along. Lightweight buff bandanas can do the work of sweatbands while hiking. Thanks to affordable rates of these quality bandanas, you can put them out in the river to freshen you up without lingering guilt.

A cotton bandana is an excellent alternative to a hat as it is light weighted and trending too. While biking through the dusty roads, you can cover your nose and mouth to avoid dust allergies. Bandanas also used for identification purposes of your luggage at the airport. In short, the advantages of bandanas are diverse. They come in different patterns and designs, one thing you have to make sure is that such a useful product should be of high quality. You can opt for brands like 4inbandana for high graded and durable bandanas. 

Portable Charger

Imagine strolling through the ambiguous paths of a foreign land while finding your hotel location using Google Maps. Suddenly, your cell phone shut down — such a dreaded situation you cannot even imagine in your dreams. There are likely chances that you may face it, so the best approach is always to keep a portable charger along whenever you leave your hotel. It would be best if you buy a solar charger. A solar charger uses solar energy to charge devices and batteries. In this way, you do not have to spend extra time charging your portable charger and your devices, as it will be charged directly by the sun.

Airbolt For Added Security

Reaching your destination after a tiresome journey is a cheered feeling; after that, all you want is to take a long soothing bath and lie on the mattress with your sweatpants. But what would you do if you got caught up in a drastic situation, where you just forgot your traditional luggage lock combination, and there is no other way to open it? Opting for Airbolt, a unique lock designed explicitly by keeping such a situation in mind, can save you from such dreaded circumstances. 

The Air Bolt is the next generation lock that adds to the security of your travel bag. The Airbolt is connected to the phone by Bluetooth so you can unlock the device conveniently. Moreover, there are plenty of other ways (which only you know about) through which you can open the device. This marvelous lock can also track your luggage via GPS if it gets stolen or misplaced. Even if the connected device is lost, the airbolt can still be opened through the traditional way or backup from other devices. 

Small Travel Purse

 A small travel purse is a must to have, whether you are alone surveyor or a business tripper. You can keep essential items in the travel bag whenever you have a mind to discover your destination’s enchanting places. The travel bag should be large enough to accommodate necessary stuff like your passport, portable charger, a water bottle, prepared food, etc. Also, keep in mind to choose a high-quality bag. I recommend that you go for a brand as they are guaranteed to withstand abrasive wear and tear damage. 

A Water Bottle

While discovering the ambiguous lands and enthralling beauties of nature, you have to keep your health intact. Whether it is a deserted area or a burgeoning city, there are rare chances that you can get clean water anytime you want. The best idea is to keep your water bottle in your travel bag whenever you leave your hotel room. Your water bottle should be slim enough to fit in the side pocket of your backpack conveniently and light enough to carry for an extended period.

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