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August 27, 2020

In such a vast country as India, one does not really run out of places to visit. The wide range of terrain, including mountains, seacoasts, and valleys, provide choice to a tourist. If one puts all of this into account, they will immediately come to the conclusion that this country of South Asia is bound to entertain you with its never-ending tour spots. For an avid tourist who is excited to do something out of the box or for any adventure-loving person, another type of touring is also available, which is motorcycle touring. Yes, it sounds a bit bolder, but for any young soul yearning for something daring and equally enjoyable, motorcycle tours might just be for them.


Why accompany a tour instead of lone travel?

As per human nature, it is not a surprise that many people would strike down the thought of a touring agent in favor of doing the adventuring themselves, but for motorcycle tours, you would not regret touring with the guide, it does not matter if it is going to be your first or your fifth tour, motorcycle tours, and their guides can make this experience equally comfortable and affordable and of course adventurous. A few benefits of deciding to go on tour with a touring agency are:


  • There is someone to lead the way.

Even if you are touring a specific place for the nth time, there is still so much left to see which only a professional can guide you through, and getting lost in a completely new place is not one’s ideal definition of fun.


  • Easy budget

A touring agency can easily guide you about the ranges of expenses regarding different tours so you can easily choose one that is affordable for you beforehand.


  • A good opportunity to make friends

Socializing is enriched in human nature and touring together is just another golden chance to experience the truth once again behind the more, the merrier.


  • Choice of motorcycle

It is rather obvious that touring on a motorcycle also demands a good choice of motorcycle, and once again, a touring agent can easily help you out with the choice of a motorcycle according to the land type you will be touring in the future.


Along with this extra safety, more people to take pictures for you and the one extra step of the organization are already implied.


Tour options in India

Coming back to India, this populous country, which is also the seventh-largest country in the world with respect to land area, leaves nothing to desire for with its beaches, valleys, mountains, planes, and hikes, but for a motorcycle tourist specifically, India is heaven.

Ranging from trips worth three days to thirteen days, India has all to offer to a motorcycle tourist. Some of them include the west coast bike trail which takes about 13 days to tour normally and takes you through Tamil Nadu and Kerala touching the state of Goa and the Delhi Lansdowne Rishikesh bike trails which takes a meager of 3 days but still takes you through the beautiful and peaceful scenery of the hill station. Other than these, the Rajasthan bike trip, Bhutan bike trip, and Tawang bike trip, etc., are all worth the expense.


Touring agencies

With the growing popularity of motorcycle tours and tourists’ growing affinity towards trying them out, it is not surprising that motorcycle tours have become the go-to tours for friend groups and even families who want to try out the experience of this semi-independent trip. As a result of this growing popularity, many touring agencies have started to offer motorcycle trips and is one of the leading demands of locals and even foreign tourist of India. By combining the local terrain knowledge and expertise, local Indians have landed many jobs as motorcycle tour guides and have proven to be trusted. After reading this account, any curious person would look for the best touring agency there is that can guarantee a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip. One of the top agencies famous for its local nature is Extreme Tours. This locally operated touring agency provides safe and trusty services, and the guide is sure to bring you and sense of home and comfort even in the high mountains of Himalayas. 


With its history of starting out as a single person endeavor driven by the sole enthusiasm of motorcycle riding, it has now turned out to be the most sought out agency in India. So, if you are also trying to bring a twist to your casual sightseeing trips, Extreme Tours are your go-to.


More about Extreme Tours

The agency is more of a single person endeavor as the founder of this company believes in bringing comfort to the tourist by treating them as friends. The tour guide, Mr. Naveen himself, has an interesting backstory of how he decided to find the famous bike touring agency of India which can pose for very good story time during travel. Mr. Naveen has himself traveled the trails between the high Himalayas and Ladakh trails and is extremely familiar with the trails and nooks of those areas. With expertise in Himalayan, Ladakh, and Spiti Valley trails, the company provides you with the opportunity to visit your favorite place whilst riding a bike and not missing out on any detail along the way.


Being the guide in any motorcycle tour requires great responsibility, but Extreme Tours has it covered. After a general overview of touring and its entailment, you are asked to choose your favored tour. You are made aware of all the expenses, risks, and the itinerary before moving forward to the motorcycle choosing. As an experienced motorcyclist himself, the tour guide, Mr. Naveen, ensures that your choice of trail circuit and your motorcycle are compatible with each other. In case you are new to motorcycle tours, the company also provides a rental program where you can easily rent a motorcycle for a tour, and when the insurance option is also available, you have got nothing to lose.


Addition services

As Extreme Tours believes in putting the comfort of its clients as the first priority, it provides the option of either touring as a group or customizing your trips. How great is that? With easy negotiations, you can join a tour group and start preparing for the ride of your life. Among these some more benefits of touring with a local company are:


  • No hidden extra charges
  • A support vehicle in case of any emergency and food accommodations
  • Keeping the tour group small to ensure personal care towards everyone
  • Customizing the itinerary to visit the best spots 


So, what are you waiting for? Contact Extreme Tours as soon as possible and start getting ready to experience the adventure that is Motorcycle touring.


To learn more about Extreme tours, you can visit their website

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