Where To Eat On A Budget In Italy’s Amalfi Coast

August 28, 2020

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. This locale is one of Europe’s most romantic honeymoon destinations.

This Italian tourist attraction stretches 50 kilometers of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Decorated with sheer cliffs, rugged shorelines, little beaches, and fishing villages. These tiny villages make for great views as the homes are decorated in pastel-like colors. Amalfi’s coastal road winds down deep gorges, olive groves, grand villas, and lemon terraces. And sitting on the horizon is the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea.

It is recommended to visit this spot in May, September, or early October when the weather is pleasant and to avoid big crowds. The amazing thing about the Amalfi Coast is that you do not have to have a big budget to enjoy dining around this beautiful coast.

So, here we list a few places to get delicious meals and still keep the trip affordable:

La Rua Pizze e Delizie

La Rua Pizze e Delizie is a family-owned pizzeria, rotisserie, and a bakery that offers outstanding and fresh homemade pizzas and Italian cuisine. If you are looking for great pizza for a small price, then this is the place for you. Many visitors have praised the value you get for your money here. You could get a huge pizza for the price of a slice in some areas. Prices range from $2-$24.

Pizza Express Amalfi

Another great pizza place that is found along the main street of the ancient Maritime Republic, this place offers one of the best-tasting pizzas on the coast. And it is all prepared right in front of you!

La Bottega Del Ferrari

Now, this little gem of a deli should not be overlooked. La Bottega Del Ferrari has outstanding artisan creations that are fresh like mouthwatering paninis. Prices range from $5-10 in this little Mediterranean deli.

Paninoteca La Sciurella 

This Italian street-food place offers some of the best special sandwiches, wraps, and paninis you will ever have. Paninoteca La Sciurella also offers great vegetarian options, and not to mention the enchanting view of the town square. This place is just pure awesomeness! Authentic flavors and fresh food all for a low price between $3-6.

Cuoppo d’Amalfi

If you have a sudden craving for fish and chips, Cuoppo d’Amali offers some of the best seafood on the coast. This street seafood place is located off of the main street near the ancient Arsenal Museum. You can get amazing fish and chips or other seafood dishes for prices between $5-15.

Chiosco Bar S. Francesco

This bar offers great fresh food, a variety of craft beers along with great hospitality that will make you feel welcome and comfortable. 


They serve snacks and drinks throughout the night accompanied by an amazing waterfront view of Maiori. Chiosco Bar S. Francesco is only open during the spring though, so make sure you visit this bar if you are on the coast during May.

G.A.S. Bar

The G.A.S. Bar is better known as the “bar at the junction.” This bar is situated on the junction of Positano. G.A.S. Bar pizzas, sandwiches, “panuozzi”, salads, cocktails, and coffee all enjoyed on a rooftop terrace that overlooks the Azure Sea.

La Bottega Di Villa Maria

This little Mediterranean café is a lovely, eloquently designed, and affordable spot to grab lunch. The food is delicious and not to mention great service along with a gorgeous backyard full of majestic sycamore trees. Cocktails can be bought for about $10, while beers range from $5-6.

Baffone Gelateria Artigianale

This little gelato place has very rich ice cream flavors, boasted as some of the best you will find on the coast. Great service and a wide variety of selections make them a great choice for desserts in Ravello. You can get some rich and creamy gelato for $3-6. Baffone Gelateria Artigianale also has amazing vegan and gluten-free options.

I Vizi Del Generale

This café has great service, amazing gelato, varied selection, and generous proportions making it a worth-wile and lovely spot to enjoy a drink or gelato. I Vizi Del Generale is one of (if not) the best place to have gelato in San Lazzaro.

La Divina Gelateria e Yogurteria Artigianale

Friendly staff, and many sweet delicious choices ranging from $3-9, what more could you ask for? This place has the best lemon granita on the coast according to those who have had the opportunity to try them. Their lemon granitas are made using home-grown lemons fresh from the owner’s garden. Amazing.


There you go, if you want to keep your vacation fun but in a way that will not hurt your budget, keep your eyes out for these dining spots next time you find yourself in the beautiful Amalfi Coast. There are many such little gems in this romantic destination, so make sure to explore and maybe find more cheap places that give great quality food and even awesome views.

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