Beginners Tips For A Melbourne Travel 

August 31, 2020

Traveling to Australia can be fun but without the proper information about tourist trends and destinations. It is unlikely to enjoy a trip to any of the world’s foreign continents. When traveling to Australia, people usually plan as if they are touring Europe. What they do not consider is the difference between these two tourist spots.

Melbourne, Australia

Firstly, to enjoy your visit to Australia, you should not go with a regular tourist mind because the Australian culture and economy are far different than the rest of the world. So, when you are all set to travel, do not forget to read some guides to understand a tourist’s life in Australia.

Melbourne is known as Australia’s European enclave. Above all, it is also regarded as the hub of music, culture, and creativity, with many business opportunities. In this brief guide, you will get to know Melbourne’s cost and the things that you can do only in Melbourne. The best time to visit Melbourne is after September, as it is neither too hot nor too cold then, so check out your Victorian school holidays to find if this is the year to travel to Melbourne.

Places to visit in Melbourne 

It can be a long list, but let us settle on a smaller one. 

  • St Kilda
  • Moonlight Movies in parks 
  • Flinders tree station
  • Federation Square 
  • State Library 
  • Como House 
  • Melbourne Museum 
  • Tour to Philip island 

How much does it cost to travel to Melbourne? 

There are several options to stay in Melbourne. You can either rent a separate room or find a dorm for ten people or more. A single room for two will cost 60USD to 80USD, and for a dorm, you will be charged almost 18 USD. 

As far as your food budget is concerned, so for a regular meal, you will have to pay almost 10USD, thus for a day, it will be 30USD. In a nutshell, for a week, you need to take nearly 900 USD maximum. Taking out and saving 1500 USD in a year is not a great deal if you save wisely. 

How can we save money in Melbourne? 

Travel to Melbourne is a package of unexpected activities; you never know when you come across a new activity that you feel like trying, so saving money and spending according to a budget is essential to enjoy your trip to Melbourne. Every seasoned traveler knows that the best way to really save money is to stay in a hostel. Spend some time looking for the best hostels in Melbourne before booking your flights.

Here are a few tips that can help you save money during your fantastic trip to Melbourne. 

1. Cooking your meal 

Eating out in Australia and especially a cultural hub, Melbourne is not very affordable, especially if you are a group of students who planned to visit the eastern world during their Victorian school holidays. You should cook at home, or in your hotel, it is not very difficult, you can even find a motel where you are allowed to cook, or a simple BBQ at a great tourist spot ( where you are allowed) can be the best option. 

2. Find tourist packages 

Find a great reliable travel package instead of traveling alone all by yourself. The travel agents know better than you, and if it is your very first trip, then contacting a travel agent is imperative. Not only will you get to save some money.

3. Travel through public transport 

Public transport is free in Melbourne; the city circle tram is the best option for reaching the city’s far points. So, avoid using private transports like renting a car or hiring a cab. 

4. Get a cheap cellular network. 

Telstra is a reliable cellular network company that offers cheap packages, so, instead of buying an expensive sim card, pick an affordable network. 

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