Choosing the best flat iron for coarse hair

September 12, 2020

Although usage of styling tools like curling irons, flat iron, and hair dryers have become common but choosing the right device for your hair types has always been a mystery. Have you ever wondered why you are unable to achieve salon-grade results at home? No doubt the experience and expertise do matter but there is much more to it. One main reason for not getting the desired result on your hair is the selection of the wrong styling tool.

If you have thick coarse hair and looking for the way to select the right flat iron that can give you seamless, shiny, and silky straight hair then you have come to the right place. This article shows you how to inspect the flat iron to know if it is the one that best suits your hair type while keeping the hair damage minimal.

Necessary features for flat iron:

Parameters on which flat iron should be inspected can be divided into three parts i.e. General features, hair specific features, and additional features.

General Features:

General features are those which are must for good flat iron irrespective of the hair type it is intended to be used on.

Variable and wide temperature range:

A good flat iron must have a variable and wide temperature range so that it can even a beginner can use a flat iron easily. Moreover, it will allow the flat iron to be used on both delicate and strong hair.


Flat iron nowadays is possessed with a different type of technology, and ionic technology is one of them. Ionic technology provides Million of negative ions to keep your hair moisturized and shiny.

Hair specific features:

Barrel construction material:

Hair straighteners ordinarily have their plates made of ceramic, titanium or tourmaline material. Ceramic material is known for its uniform warmth dissemination for even hairstyles and negligible hair harm, titanium has picked up its ubiquity by virtue of its high warmth conductance and fast hair styling. While tourmaline is just utilized as a covering to keep hair from adhering to the outside of the plates. All other materials are redundant and maybe hurtful for your hair.

In short, titanium is the most ideal decision for you if you have coarse hair however in the event that you are on novice level you ought to incline toward ceramic plated flat iron which will limit any opportunity of hair harm and is nearly tantamount to titanium-plated level iron.

Additional Features:

Additional features are those features which are plus for any flat iron to have

Cord Type:

The swivel cord makes the flat iron to be moved freely and flexibly to increase the comfort by reducing the strain on hands. So a good styling tool must have a tangle-free swivel cord.

Dual Voltage:

This feature allows the flat iron to be used anywhere in the world as it can operate on both 110 and 220 voltage levels. These types of flat irons can also be used for traveling.

Safety Features:

Safety features like the auto-shutoff feature not only saves the electricity if you forget to turn off the flat iron but also keeps your environment safe from any harm.


We have tried to explain all the necessary features that a best flat iron for coarse hair should possess. To get salon grade styles, it is necessary that you choose the right flat iron according to your hair types. For coarse hair, it is preferred that you choose titanium plated flat iron with a wide temperature range and high-temperature achievability. You can also aim for additional features but that comes on the cost of a high price.

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