How to Overcome Designing Complications for Retail Boxes

September 29, 2020

Custom retail boxes are the basic need of every large, small, and medium enterprise. Custom boxes are the source to provide all of the first-hand information about the product to the user.  But the design of the custom retail boxes should be broad, clear, well structured, and attractive that should grab the user’s attention.

So, every company wants to adopt the best and attractive custom retail boxes that not only help to grow the sale of the product but also develop the brand authority. There are some standard guidelines that every company should follow to get all time captivating custom retail boxes design. Following are some important retail boxes designing complications. We will also discuss about the solutions that, how you can overcome these complications in terms of acquiring the most attractive retail box design. So, I will highly recommend you to read this article in the detail if you are related to e-commerce industry and planning to launch your own product soon. 

Target Market

The first and foremost complicated thing is to understand the targeted market and human psychological behavior to purchase an item. If you are designing your custom retail box without concerning this factor you might lose the game before it starts.

To understand this human psyche, you have to imagine yourself in a store where almost 50 soaps of various brands are laying on the shelf.  You will definitely pick the one that attracts you through its unique quality packaging design. Like if you are searching for a soap of menthol flavor you definitely pick the best-designed menthol soap for yourself. A good and professional packaging manufacturer always does deep research to produce a masterpiece. So, hire a professional packaging company just like Quick Boxes Packaging LLC

Packaging Material

After analyzing your targeted audience, you should think about the packaging material that you want to use for your product. This factor is directly interconnected with that many other factors. Like if you want to give a nature-friendly look and you have decided art cardstock to make your packaging, then you have definitely misjudged your target audience and your actual theme. Instead of the art stock, you should choose the Kraft stock that is famously known as an eco-friendly material. Although cardboard stock is also known as eco-friendly, but no one can deny the importance of Kraft stock when it comes to shortlisting a nature friendly stock. 

Always choose packaging material according to your product type to reveal the qualities of your brand and product in the most beneficial way. In addition to this, you can also customize your retail boxes according to the weight of your product. All of the packaging stocks are easily available into any thickness. So, you can choose the thickness of the stock from the various standards available.

Printing Quality

Just like the second point is connected with the first one, the third factor is also most related to this second option. Designers create an artwork for your custom box according to the packaging material that you have chosen. Kraft stock has a separate printing procedure and printing capability compared to the art or cardboard (bleach card) stock. Kraft stock does not have a coating to support any printing design. Therefore you will notice the dull printing quality on your custom boxes.

So, you have to be well aware of this factor to give space to the designer to make a creative design for your custom boxes.


The artwork of your custom packaging plays an important role in the conversion of any retail product. That’s why we have explained these points in much detail. We have tried our best to discuss valuable designing complications and the solutions to overcome them. I will highly recommend you keep these points in mind while preparing the artwork for you especially for cosmetic packaging including lip gloss boxes.  We hope you will get a lot of inspiring knowledge by reading this post.

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