Why Every Person Should Check Out The Uluru Resort

September 29, 2020

Sometimes everyday life can be tiresome and exhausting. We all want to catch a break and relax. There are so many beautiful places on Earth to go, but how do you choose one?

Australia is one of the most attractive places to visit on Earth. It has different and beautiful landscapes and on the other hand, great and fun nightlife. It is a place for every traveler and has exciting things to do for every age.

There are a lot of things to visit in Australia and have the perfect getaway from your work. If you are thinking about spending your holiday relaxed and at the same time, visit some landmarks? Well, we have got great news for you! 

One of the most significant landmarks of this paradise is the rock formation known as Uluru. The local people consider it the heart of the island. You should definitely visit Uluru, which is located in the Northern Territory in central Australia. If you want to keep reading about this landmark, follow the link https://www.gapyear.com/articles/features/so-just-how-big-is-uluru-ayers-rock.

So, where is Uluru? 

Uluru is a huge rock formation of sandstone. It is located around 340km from Alice Springs. Uluru is also known under the name of Ayers Rock. This rock formation is sacred to the people known as Anangu.

What is even more appealing about this landmark is that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. You have probably seen a picture of Uluru before, but never really knew what it is.

This is one of the most important and recognizable landmarks of Australia made by nature. There are several tours organized by the people who live nearby. The tour can give you interesting information about the landmark as well as local food, nature, and some ancient stories.

So, why should you visit Uluru?

Well, despite the great significance this great landmark has for the people of Australia, this area has a lot of other attractive reasons why you should visit it. You can be a part of the cultural experience and learn about the culinary tricks of the old and traditional Australian meals.

Sunrise and sunset 

Although many tourists who go to Australia are usually there because of the beautiful beaches, there are several other things where Australia’s true heart lies.

You should sacrifice one night of sleep to go and see the beautiful sunrise sitting on Uluru landmark. Not only that, but the magnificent landscape that surrounds this landmark is breathtaking. A lot of vibrating colors will catch your eye.

There are even tours that offer you guidance to the landmark and back. This way, you will have no worries about transportation and eliminate the risk of getting lost and missing the sunrise.

This nature and beautiful landscape are beautiful not only during the sunrise, but also at sunset. Different colors can be seen when the sky is getting darker.

The best possible way to enjoy this sunset is to book a restaurant table and try out some local food and drinks. The beautiful traditional music with the perfect food and ambiance will be the best vacay experience you will have!

Field of lights 

This field of lights is maybe the most beautiful thing you will witness during your stay. This already beautiful landscape turns into a fantasy land where more than 50,000 stems light up in different colors.

The best part is that every stem is handcrafted solar-powered, and entirely recyclable. Just imagine standing in a colored garden with all the stars above your head. If everything so far sounds perfect, that is because it is!

This field of lights is going to adorn the landscape until 31 December 2020. Even though this day is assumed to be prolonged because of high interest, do not wait too long to book your stay at Uluru resort by Longitude 131.

Visit Kata Tjuta

You will not be impressed only by the rock formation when you visit Australia. For the hikers, a more exciting landmark is Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta consists of 36 domes from which this landmark is also known as the landmark with “many heads.” 

It can be quite the experience given that the Aborigines believe in the spiritual energies which surround Kata Tjuta. You can even witness a traditional religious ceremony performed by the local people.

Camel Cup 

This is a very unique experience in which you can attend. Camel cup race is happening at the end of every May. Your whole weekend will be filled with live entertainment and interesting things to enjoy while betting on your preferred camel.

There is even an option to dress as the locals do so you can fully enjoy this experience.

Astronomy experience 

As was mentioned before, Australia has an unbelievably beautiful landscape. This almost untouched nature, although beautiful at day, is pure magic at night.

The whole sky lights up, and you would be surprised how many stars can actually be seen from Earth. Because of this, astronomers organize tours on which they will give you the basic knowledge about the sky. At the same time, you relax your eyes on the beautiful sky.

However, there are a couple of things you should check first. You can contact some of the organizers of these tours to tell you when is the best time to take the tour. Also, do not forget to ask about the weather and the duration of the tour. Learn more here.

Good accommodation

This beautiful paradise offers choices for both seekers of luxury and the ones who need just a camping space. Whether you are looking for only a place to stay or have the full Australian experience around Uluru landmark, you can find everything you need.

There is a wide range of accommodation that you can choose from. Local resorts and apartments are surrounded by shops and restaurants, which will make your vacay even more perfect. On top of that, you will be welcomed by kind and friendly personnel famous for their excellent customer service.

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