Five Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles For Any Occasion

September 30, 2020

Whether it is for a big night out or Sunday brunch, picking the perfect hairstyle calls for careful consideration. Wearing your hair down with minimal styling can work for most occasions, but sometimes you might feel like elevating your look. 

Ponytails are among the cutest hairstyle options to try. There are plenty of creative ways to make your ponytail into a chic, elegant style. You can wear these versatile looks with confidence to a formal dinner or wedding, or even add a little edge for a night out with friends. Add braids or accessories for even more flair. 

Ponytails are great, not just because they work with most types of outfits and are perfect for almost every occasion, but also because they are easy to pull off no matter your hair type or skill level. You can style them however you want, and they work with all types of hair textures. 

Here are five perfect ponytail hairstyles that work for practically any occasion:

1. Yara Shahidi’s Ponytail With Laid Edges

If there is anyone who could reinvent the high ponytail, it is Yara Shahidi! Her hairstyle takes the usual sleek, high ponytail tied higher up on the crown to give the style volume without making the hair look messy. With a bit of edge control, you can style any stray hairs into something cute to make the style your own. 

For short hair, it makes sense to use clip-in ponytail hair extensions to add length and volume and leave the ends lying around your shoulders. This style will frame your face and keep the hair out at the same time. Want to give this style a twist? Consider spicing it up by using a colorful scrunchie!

2. Braided Ponytail

Sometimes you just want that ponytail look while also capturing any element of sleekness. The braided ponytail comes in handy here! All you need to do is tie your hair back into a loose ponytail and then braid it all the way down. While the style is perfect for long hair, you can pull it off with shorter locks by strategically placing clip-in ponytail human hair extensions to add length and volume. Finish the look with some shine spray and a flyaway tamer, such as a lightweight hairspray.

3. Flipped-Up Ponytail

There is no other hairstyle that captures the 90s vibe as perfectly as J-Lo’s flipped up ponytail. While we cannot all be a celebrity like J-Lo, we can still look just as fab! Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail and use a flat iron to flip up the ends. Be gentle, and use a bit of hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place. With these tips, you are sure to achieve that perfect retro look that works for any event or occasion. 

4. Ponytail With Braided Base

You do not need to go all out for your ponytail to be impressive. You can look just as fabulous with a simpler style. A ponytail with a braided base is a super sleek and fashionable hairdo, perfect for a fun night out! It even features that elegance and class you would want for formal occasions. 

Getting this hairstyle starts with tying your hair back into a ponytail, followed by braiding your hair around the base for an elegant upgrade. The best part of this style is that it works for both low and high ponytails. If your hair is too thin to make the style work, consider using a ponytail hair clip to increase the volume. 

5. The Triple Ponytail

While ponytails work for most hair lengths, it is no secret that a longer one is more eye-catching. Of course, many of us covet long, flowing ponytails, but simply cannot grow our hair to the lengths needed to achieve the look. Fortunately, shorter hair lengths are still well-suited for the triple ponytail.

To get this ponytail, take your hair back into a half-up hairstyle and tie it. Repeat the same step with the remaining half, tying it under the first half-ponytail. Now gather both of the tied up styles together at the base of your hair and tie them together to get one long, sleek ponytail. The best part is that this style is not limited to short hair. You can get an even longer ponytail by using the triple ponytail styling method on longer hair.

These are just some of the ponytail hairstyles you can choose from, but feel free to personalize them even more by adding accessories and a little bit of creativity. No matter where you’re headed these styles won’t steer you wrong!

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