Types of Tonneau Covers and How to Choose What’s Best for Your Truck

October 1, 2020

A tonneau cover is a protective lid for your truck bed. There are a wide range of materials, cover styles and brands to choose from, so finding the best tonneau cover can be a difficult task for many truck owners. Use this guide to compare common types, find out how to choose your cover and learn where to turn for an affordable option.

Common Types of Tonneau Covers

All tonneau covers perform the same basic duties of protecting and securing your belongings in your truck bed. One of the most important differences between common types of tonneau covers is how they open and close. Here are the most common types to choose from:

  • One piece
  • Retractable
  • Roll up
  • Folding

One-piece covers are a solid piece of plastic or fiberglass. These covers sit securely over your entire truck bed and are designed to remain secured. Most have a window that opens on the back, or else you’ll need to open your tailgate to slide items in and out.

Retractable covers, like Retrax tonneau covers, use a garage-door-style opening technology. Most are made of durable aluminum pieces that roll up at the front of your truck bed. Some retractable covers are automated and slide open and closed at the push of a button, while others require you to physically pull them open or closed. Because of their durable design, these covers are a great option for maximum security.

Roll-up covers are some of the most portable and affordable. Typically made of canvas or another waterproof fabric, roll-up covers use snaps or hook-and-loop fasteners on the edges to create a tight seal. They don’t provide the same anti-theft convenience of a hard or retractable cover, but they are easy to remove and roll up in a compact package in the front of your truck.

Folding covers offer a mid-level option. Typically, more affordable than retractable covers, folding covers use a steel or aluminum frame to support a fabric cover. You can also find a hard-folding cover, which has two hinges to allow three panels to fold on top of each other.

How to Choose the Best Cover for Your Truck?

Choosing the basic category for your tonneau cover is only the first step. Once you select a category, you’ll find many brand, style and dimension decisions to make. Here are some basic factors to compare when choosing a cover for your truck:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Ease of storage
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty

It’s also useful to use customer reviews to compare covers. Find out what other truck owners are saying before you test out a tonneau cover for yourself.

Order a Cover Online

Shopping online makes it easy to sort based on the category of tonneau cover you want. Shop for a quality cover and ensure it fits your make and model of truck before ordering. Online shopping is a great way to compare truck bed covers, roof top tents for Jeeps and all other types of aftermarket accessories and gear. Customize your ride for your next vacation or full week of work.

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