Everything You Need To Know About Renting A Villa In Puerto Rico

October 11, 2020

Renting a villa in Puerto Rico is not particularly challenging, just that you need to know a few things about the process, the people, how these transactions go through, and to which aspects of the renting you need to pay special attention. Here is everything that you need to know about Puerto Rico villas for rent.

Puerto Rico Villas 101

There are 78 towns/municipalities in Puerto Rico, and there are villas for rent in most of them. Villas are featuring all amenities, sizes, and for every budget. Some are just meters away from the white sandy beaches, while others are in the center of the island. Then there are villas in rural communities, which are the total opposite of the urban villas in San Jose. Make sure to learn about places to stay in Puerto Rico before you go.

Rental Contracts

Rental contracts are in Spanish. So, if you deal directly with the landlord, you need to find someone to help you translate the rental agreement. Landlords may add all sorts of clauses that might not be in your favor. Some would even stipulate that you need to pay for all repairs that might happen during the duration of your rental contract.

As far as the law and regulated obligations, you cannot expect any protection as a renter. The local law says whatever is signed in the rental agreement is valid. Again, make sure that you understand the rental contract and ask the tenant to make changes if necessary. 

In case of a dispute, you can take the matter to a local court. The judge will most likely hear out both parties, but the eventual ruling will be most likely based on what is written in the rental contract. Plus, you will need to hire a lawyer, and all the proceedings will be in Spanish.

Pet Policies

If you plan to bring a pet, first clarify it with the landlord. A pet can be an issue even if the villa has a tile or a concrete floor. To ensure that the landlord does not change his mind, you can add a pet clause in the rental agreement. Do not rely on verbal agreements because they will not help you much if there is a dispute that will get to court.

Property Insurance

This is not mandatory, but many landlords ask the renter to buy property insurance before moving in the premises. The insurance will be only for the duration of the rental contract. The island is packed with independent insurance agents that sell all sorts of insurances. 


Subleasing is not regulated by any law in Puerto Rico. Once again, it all comes down to your rental agreement and whether something limits the subleasing or allows it. 

In Conclusion

It is more than obvious that it all comes down to your rental agreement and whatever there is in it. To that end, make sure that you understand whatever is written in it and ask for alterations if needed. Other than that, landlords in Puerto Rico are business-oriented, and they can be receptive to your demands if you treat them politely.

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