How Should You Clean And Maintain The Window Roller Blinds?

October 15, 2020

Roller blinds are exceptionally flexible and act as a useful window treatment. You can easily install such blinds to protect your rooms from the sun’s heat. Normal residue from the house sprinkled food, and even little bugs can soil these window roller blinds. However, cleaning these roller blinds is a basic endeavor that just requires a couple of moments of your chance to keep your window medicines putting their best self forward. The cleaning and maintenance can be performed by Vacuuming or wiping the blinds.


The vacuuming or wiping of the blinds can be executed in the following steps:


  • First of all, pull down the blinds so that they are completely expanded till you are sure that the total blind is expanded. You may clean the part of these blinds which are exposed to the sun or dust, etc. But that can be a bad idea as the blind can end up being discolored.
  • You should use the brush provided with the vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and debris deposited on the window roller blinds. You should move the vacuum from left to right direction so that each tiny dust particle is squeezed into the vacuum.
  • Now comes the wet part. You have to take a mix of soap water and damp a towel into the water. You have to sponge wipe each and every part of the blind. You need to soak your wipe or towel to clean these blinds, so it doesn’t dribble with abundant water. In the event that your wipe or towel is excessively wet, it will dribble down your blinds as you clean, which can result in making your floor wet. You should not use any harmful chemicals for cleaning such blinds, as they can destroy your blinds.
  • You should clean the window roller blinds starting from the top and to the bottom part. You should opt for the to and fro movement to wipe from one side of the blinds right to the contrary side, and keep cleaning and shifting to the shades until you arrive at the bottom. If there are serious stains, then you should invest some extra energy and time in cleaning that blind. This strategy functions admirably for blinds made of all various types of materials—from vinyl to synthetic mix.
  • You should squeeze the water out of your towel for frequent times as you wipe down the blinds. Plunge your wipe or towel over into the foamy water and twirl it around a couple of times to remove any gathered dust. Thereafter, you should squeeze the towel again before going further to wipe the roller blinds.


  • You can also use the fabric stain removal solution available in the market to clean your blinds. In case you’re worried about the stain remover making your window, roller blinds go discolored, then you should give a testing shot of the solution on a subtle part of the blinds first. If there is an extreme stain that you can’t get out all alone, it might be an ideal opportunity to give your blinds to an expert to clean it.
  • Leave the blinds completely in the open are until they are totally dry. If you roll your blinds back up when they are moist or wet, they can get little mold developments and start stinking. You can hire a professional cleaning service for the same and they can save your time by cleaning your blinds with their advanced tools.


If you follow the entire steps thoroughly then you will find that your window roller blinds have turned into like the new ones that you had hanged on months ago.

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