High School Homework: Is it worth it?

October 18, 2020

Is homework helpful in making the student learn things is an ongoing debate. However, most research done up until now suggests that assignment is an excessive burden that plays no influential role in students’ education. 

In high school, seniors have the most difficult time doing their assignments and homework—especially the dissertations and thesis papers, which is often a big part of their grade. The students at that stage of the year have a lot going on. They’re taking on odd jobs to save money for college, writing college essays, and preparing for their SATS. But obviously, they can’t compromise on high school grades, so they end up hiring the best dissertation writing services

That makes teachers and parents ponder on the question that is homework helpful?

It isn’t, and this further reasoning will solidify the statement. 

No time to rest for students 

Homework assignments are mostly long and take up a significant part of children’s after school time. Some students even stay up all night to complete their homework. This means that students don’t get any free time to spend with their family or even get a full 8-hour sleep. The busy schedule can harm the child’s mental and physical health. 


No evidence that homework helps

All researches and surveys are done until now advocate that after-school assignments do not help students; instead, they create a negative feeling towards school in general. Homework may help some students who struggle, but it doesn’t support any student on a bigger scale. 


Takes away time to do anything creative 

Every child has a unique talent, but sadly, none of them get the time to develop it because they have to do homework when they get back home after a full school day. Playing video games, painting, or reading fictional books can help students gain skills not taught in school. Doing these things helps them explore something outside the school box, and these skills often become valuable in real-life. So giving teenagers time to explore themselves is critical. 


Enforced things never benefit. 

Homework, no matter what it is and how it is to be done – it is never fun! Assignment always feels forced, and when someone is made to do something, the children want to rush through it. The rushing and the anger of being forced make the student unable to learn anything. Eventually, homework ends up becoming a duty that they have to fulfill to get the grades they want. 


Students may cheat 

When all teachers start giving homework, the students get overwhelmed. At this point, students will start thinking ways to lie or hire premium dissertation service to get their homework done. So ultimately, the purpose of the lesson fails badly, and in contrast, it teaches them how to jinx their work. 


In Finland, there is a strict policy on giving no homework to students. As a result of this policy, the students have an 87% IQ level on average. 

Given the facts above, it is high time the students and teachers sit down together and talk about the need for homework – it is indispensable?

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