Sombre Hair Color Technique: Get an Overview of It

October 19, 2020

There are so many different ways of coloring your hair and all of them simply look beautiful. Ombre, Sombre, and Balayage hair coloring techniques have got very popular over the past couple of years and they are the foremost choice of females these days. 

Many women get confused among these three and think they are all the same but that is not the case. 

Today, we will be giving you an overview of Sombre hair and along with that explain to you about the Balayage and Ombre hair. 

Before we check out what is sombre hair, we need to know about the ombre hair so let’s dive into that.  

What is ombré?

The meaning of Ombré is “shadow”. In the Ombre hairstyle, there is a usage of two colors: one dark and one soft. At the top, the darker shade is applied while the softer shade is applied at the bottom. 

There is usually no need to apply a dark shade at the top as the natural black color is already there. If there is a need to apply any other color like brown or anything else instead of the black one then it needs to be applied at the top otherwise it is fine. 

At the bottom, highlighters like blonde, silver, are applied so it is a combination of two colors. The color combination can be selected as per one’s choice. You can try out any two matching color combos and see how it looks. 

It can be tried out with medium and long hair lengths. Ombre came into popularity when Britney Spears colored her hair in different tones about 20 years back. Then, many other female celebs started going for this hair color technique and it went popular. 

Now, after checking out what is ombre, let’s have a look at what is sombre. Sombre is not much different but it is a softer version of ombre. The name is formed as (Soft + Ombre = Sombre). 

The contrast between the two colors is softer in the sombre variant. The base color smoothly transitions into the highlights. 

Here also, the root color is kept the natural one and the highlights are painted with the shades that are close to your hair’s original tones. When your hair grows, it will look really nice and mostly this type of hair color technique looks good on medium and long hair lengths. 

So, you can let it grow for 6-8 months and then visit the salon again to give it a touchup. 

Now, if you are wondering what to let your hairstylist know when you want to get this hair color applied then simply let him/her know that you want to get a Sombre hair color technique and he/she will catch your words.

If he/she is new and doesn’t know about the term then also no worries, let them know that you want to give a lighter and darker shade to your natural hair. The roots will be having the natural color or you can give a darker shade if you want and the ends will be having a lighter shade as of your original color tone. 

Color Melting 

Color melting is another form of coloring the hair in which the bottom color blends with the top color. There is no separate line seen between the bottom color and the top color, rather a soft blend is seen between both the colors, unlike the ombre style. 


Balayage is a similar hair color technique and it is a French word which means “to paint” or “to sweep”. In this technique, hair color is painted onto the hair and it gives a natural-looking highlight effect. When you see a person having a balayage technique applied to her hair, you will see that it looks very natural as if the person is having such kind of hair since birth.

It brings brightness and contrast throughout the hair. It is referred to as the ‘sun-kissed’ look of natural hair. It is a freestyle technique of applying highlights into the hair rather than the structured way of applying the highlights. 

Who is getting the sombre hair color technique done? 

The sombre hair color technique is trending currently and every woman finds it cool and beautiful to have such a hair color technique applied. If you see the Hollywood female celebs then almost everyone has done it in the last 2 years and some of them are doing it currently as well. 

The list of Hollywood celebs includes Olivia Palermo, Khloe Kardashian, Blake Lively, Jourdan Dunn, Rihanna, Lucy Hale, Hilary Duff, Gigi Hadid, Dakota Johnson, Chrissy Teigen, Lily James, Lauren Conrad, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Alba,  and many more. 

Reading these names, you will surely be inspired to try out this style so don’t wait, just book an appointment at your favourite salon and just get this done! For more information on hair, beauty and fashion, you can checkout Fashionterest.

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