Show-Stopping Door Trends In 2020

October 23, 2020

A front door is a home’s first impression on its visitors, which is why so many architects and exterior designers place stock in unique, eye-catching door designs. From oversized doors with a regal aesthetic to standard wooden doors with ornate hardware, there’s a lot to be said for a show-stopping entryway. 

In 2020 alone, a variety of fascinating door trends have cropped up, including doors painted in “moody colors”, like deep teals and enticing reds. Doors made of fiberglass, steel, and other sturdy materials are also making a huge comeback due to their insulative abilities — and with so many of us staying home this year, that’s a must that can help save on utility costs. 

The unconventional designs that are making a return — or even a debut — this year merit exploring further. Consider checking out Internal Doors UK for a wide range collection offered at unbeatable prices!

Thus, without further ado…

Show Me Your Doors

The Pivot Door: In part to accommodate the weight of oversized doors, the pivot door is emerging as an architectural frontrunner. The pivot is created by pin hinges at the top and bottom of the door that are placed about a third of the way in from where a door would normally mount on the jamb. This transfers weight away from the frame and into the floor. A pivot door combining steel and glass feels somehow space age and lends itself well to industrial chic styling. A wooden pivot, on the other hand, harkens back to the speakeasy or a mystery (think revolving bookcase).  

A Return to Wood: Fiberglass has long held a corner on the market because of thermal efficiency, but innovations in core technology have led to manufacturers returning to the traditional wood door. Called “thermally broken” design, these new wood doors sandwich composite foam material between layers of wood sealed to a composite backer. These new doors not only rival fiberglass for energy efficiency, but solve common problems of wood doors splitting and cracking.

Back To The Future: Recently, door designers can’t seem to make up their mind whether to return to a nostalgic past or go boldly into the future where no door has gone before. The answer, do both. Some designers are creating distressed, highly ornate styles that look like the hand forged or wrought iron doors of the past. Another variation is to opt for simplicity with a shaker door. Other companies have gone ultra modern with snap in glass that extends all the way to the doors frame.

You’ve Got Metal: Metal doors, of course, offer a high level of security, and traditional doors that incorporate wrought iron are long lasting and beautiful. But the new word in metal is black steel. These stunning artisanal doors create a custom look for your entryway and are a visually stunning architectural addition. Copper doors are another gorgeous way to accent your home, or for a sense of art deco, try brushed stainless steel double doors.

Two Doors Meet As One: One of the most interesting trends of 2020 is to take a double door opening and replace it with a single door and a side panel of glass. This allows more light into your home, which itself is a trend in eco-friendly design, and it also saves you the money of purchasing two doors instead of one.

More Glass Please: Door manufacturers are incorporating more glass into their door designs. Think of your traditional three-panel door. Now replace the wood panels with glass and you have a sleek new look with lots of natural light to spare. Or how about a latticework of copper or steel framing squares of glass? What could be more modern? And if you are a private person you can choose from frosted, etched, or design printed glass that obscures what’s going on inside but still lets light in.  

Open Up to the Possibilities

Looking for a change in your home that will make it feel brand new? Think about that thing you walk through every day. An innovative door design will not only see you off each morning and welcome you home in the evening, it will speak your sense of style to visitors. So take a look at what is out there. You are bound to unlock something new inside you.

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