Bored at Home? Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween!

October 25, 2020

The Halloween holiday is a fun time for most people, more so is they own a dog. It is so much fun to dress up your dog either in individual costumes or a matching owner and dog costume. Since you do fun activities with your dog, why not do the same for Halloween? The first step in dressing your dog is to establish how your furry friend feels about dressing. While some pups have no qualms about clothes, others might not appreciate the gesture; puppies with thin coats may appreciate an additional layer during winter. Therefore, please pay attention to your dog’s reaction and body language when you dress them.

For those dogs that do not mind dressing up, you can do this in so many ways. The most important thing is to choose dog costumes for Halloween that are simple and comfortable. Even though you want to stand out, remember to make your dog feel good. Here are some Halloween tips on dressing up your dog.

Themed Dog Collars

Some dog owners have an unexplained obsession with dog collars with quite a collection to show for it. Halloween is the best time to showcase your dog collar collection in your more decorative pieces. If there is no Halloween themed collar amongst your collection, there is a ton of them to choose from, from fancy ones with lights to simple pumpkin patterns. Utilize the power of online shopping by looking for a Halloween themed collar online. Look for sellers who offer online coupons to get great deals out of your shopping.


Dressing your dog in an onesie will make an excellent dog costume. There are many options when it comes to onesies; hence you will be spoilt for choice. Onesies are non-invasive compared to other outfits, and they leave the dog’s back legs bare, which they appreciate.

Themed Bandanas

This is a simple way to dress your dog for Halloween. Bandanas are a classic piece of clothing for dogs that visit a groomer often. Halloween themed bandanas are available in online pet stores to obtain a coupon code when purchasing one. Alternatively, if you are a little creative, you can make your dog bandana for Halloween.


Scarves are another simple way to dress a dog, just like bandanas. Nowadays, scarves are in many different kinds for you to choose from. Ensure that if yours is long, wrap it up properly to avoid the dog tripping on it. You can transform your dog into a ski bunny or pick bright colors to add some flair. A Halloween scarf in orange will look good on your dog, but if you are doing last-minute shopping, there are plenty of those in your local store. If you have time, look for great deals online and look for those with voucher codes.

Customized T-Shirts

T-shirts, just like onesies, are an excellent way to dress up your dog for Halloween as they are available in many colors and sizes. You can make your dog look like a ghost using a t-shirt. If creative, decorate the dog using puffy paint.

T-shirts make one costume, and dogs do not mind wearing them as they do not limit their movement.

Doggie Tutu

Dressing your pup in a tutu is easy, and it is also effortless to make one if you are the crafty and creative type. Doggie tutus can be bought in pet costume stores within your locality or online. Take advantage of a coupon code when shopping online for great deals.

Important Things to Remember
Dress Rehearsal

It is not hard to find a cute Halloween costume, but don’t wait until Halloween to buy an outfit. Buy one a few weeks before Halloween, try the costume on your dog a few times before Halloween, and make the rehearsals short and sweet. Dress your dog in one piece of the outfit and give her food. If the dog eats while dressed in the costume, it is a sign of approval for the ensemble. However, if the dog runs away, freezes up, or displays signs of distress, you need to slow down. If your dog does not seem to mind the costume, keep the outfit on for about two minutes. Praise the dog and relieve her of the ensemble. Do this a few times before the actual day.

Safety Hazards

Naturally, dogs are curious, and they like to pick things and taste them. Dog owners try to monitor safety hazards, but others are not that obvious, especially when it is part of the costume. Strings and other small parts of the costume pose a safety hazard as your dog can eat them, thus introducing an intestinal foreign body; this leads to surgery.

When a dog is in distress, it starts licking, resulting in the ingestion of costume accessories and materials. Besides, any costume that restricts a dog’s movement or ability to perform necessary actions like eating, walking, barking, drinking, seeing, breathing, and hearing should be avoided.

Be Aware of Heat Stroke

Whether your climate is cold or warm, a costume on top of your dog’s fur coat can be dangerous during Halloween. Some materials retain heat more than others. When your dog is in costume, and they start panting or refuses to come to you, it could be a sign of too much heat from the outfit. Choose a costume while considering the thickness of your pup’s fur coat.

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