5 Tips To Help You Choose the Best Translation Company

October 28, 2020

When selecting a translation vendor to manage the international documentation needs of your company, it can be hard to predict what you will get exactly from each one. It is even more difficult to know which questions you should ask as part of your evaluation process to make sure all of your requirements will be met. 

It is important for your business to work with the top translation agency. However, how can you know where to start to make this important decision?

Anthony Teixeira takes great pride in providing your business with the highest quality translations. Whether you need legal, medical, or technical documents  and English to French translation services – we are here to help you! 

It can be an overwhelming task to choose the translation company that you want to work with. Below we have listed the top five things you should look for when looking for the top translation agency to help you accomplish your company’s goals. 

Choose a Translation Company That Pays Close Attention to Detail 

One of the most critical things that you need your translation company to do is to pay close attention to detail. Your project might appear to be simple, but with document translation, many mistakes can occur.   

Even minor errors could cost you customers, and although it is one of the most serious outcomes that you could experience, it does still happen. 

It is important for your language translator to be knowledgeable and be experts at professional document translation and the languages that are required. Being subject matter experts is also important as well as being willing to ask questions about anything regarding your document that needs to be clarified.  

Native Speakers and Translation Experts Are Not The Same

Someone who is a native speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is a language expert. It is critical to choose the right translation service for your company. Some companies hire only based on language capabilities. However, there is a lot more involved in document translation. 

Some native speakers may be translation experts. However, most are not. Find out from your translation company what certifications and qualifications that they require from their translators to make sure they have mastered all of the detail involved with professional document translation. 

.Language translators who are successful are all good communicators. They also need to have a mastery of your business, the culture, and the local language. 

Effective Project Managers Are Hired By The Top Translation Companies

You are considering working with a translation company that always delivers its projects on time. Do you know the reason why? It is due to their project managers and their abilities for managing your project through the use of a process they have finely tuned over time. 

Translator agency project managers are the people who help to ensure the translation machine continues to move smoothly. They coordinate, instruct, and supervise the different moving parts involved in your project.

Translation Companies Need To Have Professional Editors 

Translation companies cannot meet all of the expectations of their clients without having highly proficient editors. 

The translation company that you are thinking about hiring possesses attention to detail that is impeccable. Do you know the reason why? 

It is mainly due to their editors. They review all of the translated material to make sure that your message is easily understandable, complete, and clear for your intended audience. 

Your Translation Company Needs To Have Localization Capabilities 

When it comes to the translation of your business documents, localization is absolutely necessary. Without it, you will never be sure which parts of your message might not resonate with the readers. 

Something that is completely acceptable in one culture may be totally unacceptable in a different culture – including those that speak the same language. Another thing that it could happen is your message could just fall flat. When you hire an expert translation company that will help to ensure that your message can be consistently passed on to any culture. 

It can be hard to choose a document translation company if you are unsure of the criteria that need to be considered. Your company deserves to have the top translation agency available to work with. International Language Service is here to help you with your project, no matter how big or small it is. 

To ensure you receive the highest quality for your document translation, you should always hire a professional translation company that has a professional, dedicated, and experienced team. 

Your project’s project managers, editors, and translators will guarantee the most realistic completion times and highest quality levels, at an affordable cost.

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